All Week 1 Map Challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

All the challenges, and how to do them.


The first week of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is here. The new season brings sweeping changes to the map, which is now flooded. The vast majority of the areas you got used to last season have been changed dramatically, with some exceptions that you can find on higher ground. There are also new mechanics, new weapons, and lots of new skins and items to earn in your Battle Pass.

The real meat this week comes in the form of new challenges. The Week 1 Season 3 Map challenges are nicely spread out around the map and give us a variety of tasks to complete. Here’s a look at all of the challenges:

You will need to hunt down and damage a Loot Shark, a new addition to the game. The Whirlpool will also give you some fun, as it shoots you high into the air, which is fun but risky. Rickety Rig is a great new location, made up from parts of the Rig, Slurpy Swamp, and other random bits and pieces, and is a lot of fun to explore. As for Misty Meadows, the area has remained largely untouched by the rising water thanks to the fact that it is halfway up a mountain.