How to get 3 eliminations at Steamy Stacks in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Good ol’ fashioned player-versus-player.


Fortnite‘s Season 3 changes up the map and adds new challenges for you to complete. A notable location you will need to visit is Steamy Stacks, which is to the northeast portion of the map, surrounded by water. The challenge you need to complete at this location requires you take out three players around here. You do not need to do this during a single match.


You first want to make your way to this location on the map. You find it at the upper right-hand section of the map. Once you land there for the first time, the greyed blot will become vibrant with color on your larger map. You do not have to land at the location to complete the challenge, but it might help you take out other players before they find a suitable weapon.

When you arrive there, your goal is to seek out the nearest player and take them out before they eliminate you. You may want to look to the skies to see if anyone is about to land near you, giving you a brief edge against them before you can find a weapon. Because you want to take them out fast, you want to use a submachine-gun, a pump, charge, a tactical shotgun, or an assault rifle. These will be your best options to eliminate players quickly.

Locating a weapon when you land is entirely random, and there’s always a considerable gamble because you may land closer to a pistol, but an opponent lands next to a shotgun. More likely than not, you will need to complete this challenge throughout several matches. You should not expect to do it during a single game and then move on to the next one.