All Animal Crossing: New Horizons wigs and how to get them

Wigs are a fun way to add some extra customization to your character. Is there one that speaks to you?

Wig Assortment

Animal Crossing: New Horizons had made changing your hairstyle easier than ever, but what if none of the 31 hairstyles suit your fancy? That’s where wigs come in. Wigs look just like hairstyles, but instead of selecting them from a mirror, they can be worn like a hat and often come with some accessories.

Wigs can also, like hats, be added to a magic wand outfit, so if you want to change your ‘do with different looks, this is an easy way to make sure your wand outfits vibe from head-to-toe without a mirror trip. The color of wig hair, however, will always be the hair color selected from the mirror.

Able Sisters

There are two ways to get wigs. The most common way to get one is to purchase them from the Able Sisters tailor shop. They are not always in the store any every because they circulate along with the hats, but keep checking each day if you are trying to find a certain one or collect them all.

All Able Sisters Wigs

  • Bun Wig
    Variants: White, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple
    Cost: 1,400 bells
  • Composer’s Wig
    Variants: None
    Cost: 1,680 bells
  • Gothic Headdress
    Variants: Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Light purple
    Cost: 1,120 bells
  • Headband
    Variants: Pink, Blue, Purple, Green
    Cost: 1,400 bells
  • Matronly Bun
    Variants: None
    Cost: 1,280 bells
  • Mohawk Wig
    Variants: None
    Cost: 1,280 bells
  • Pompadour Wig
    Variants: None
    Cost: 1,280 bells
  • Tiara Hair
    Variants: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver
    Cost: 2,940 bells
  • Visual-Punk Wig
    Variants: None
    Cost: 1,400 bells
Able Sisters Wig List
Assets via Nintendo

Gulliver Mail Exclusives

The second way to get some special wigs is by helping Gulliver’s shipmates find him. Each time he crashes on the shore, you have to dig up his communicator parts. Find all five, and he will mail you a gift after he leaves. There is a chance that the souvenir you receive from him could be one of these wigs.

All Gulliver Wigs

  • Coin Headpiece
  • Geisha Wig
  • Pigtail
  • Samurai Wig
  • Veil (Variants: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green)
Assets via Nintendo

Note: Hats cannot be worn over a wig, as it goes in the same slot.