All Wind of Concentration Challenges locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Can you be the ultimate archer?

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The Wind of Concentration Challenges, also known as Archery Challenges, in the game offer a fun mini-game that stretches your skills as a bow and arrow user. As you scour Iki Island, look out for them as they can improve your Charm of Concentration.

Archery Challenge #1

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The first challenge is located dead center in the Iki Island map. It is east of the Kidafure Battleground and southwest of Zasho River. You’ll find these archers nearby a waterfall along the river. There is also a field of white flowers.

Archery Challenge #2

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The second challenge is south of the Kidafure Battleground, northwest of Lake Nagata, and is west of the first archery challenge. It is among the moss-infested area that used to have a settlement long ago.

Archery Challenge #3

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Set inside the Yahata Forest on the eastern side of Iki Island stands an Archery Challenge. It is northeast of Zasho River. Instead of white flowers, this area is encircled by the purple variety. It is nearby some rocks. Above the archers are some people enjoying some sake.

Archery Challenge #4

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This location is to the southwest of Weeping Mother’s Meadow and southeast of Senjo Gorge. It is overlooking some astonishing purple trees that look violet in the sunlight.

Archery Challenge #5

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This archery challenge is on the most southern part of Iki Island and south of Buddha’s Footprints. You’re in the right place if you find blue flags all over.

For this challenge, it gets a bit complicated. The memorial you enter does not look like an ordinary archery challenge and you may be confused as to why the wind took you here. However, after talking to the people of this memorial, you realize that they look up to the legendary archer Tadayori Nagao. If you’ve finished his mythic tale back in Tsushima, you should already have it. Go to the Gear menu and select Outfit. Scroll down to Tadayori’s Armor and equip it.

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Don’t forget the hat either. Choose Tadayori’s Hat in the helmet section of the menu. On the right side of the memorial is a man with a short hairstyle standing next to a bow. Talk to him with the outfit on. He will then challenge you.

After finishing this, the man will give you a Charm of Terrifying Aim. It will give you the upper hand in battle as it will give you a chance to terrify a nearby enemy when you land a headshot kill.

If you haven’t got Tadayori’s Armor yet, you’ll need to finish the Iki Island storyline and return to Tsushima. Then come back here when you’ve finished The Legend of Tadayori mythic tale.

Archery Challenge #6

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Go to the most southwestern part of the Iki Island map, and you’ll find an archer by the coastline. It is southwest of Sarubashi and Saruiwa. It will be off the mainland. You’ll see logs by the side of the archers and some wreckage.

Archery Challenge #7

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Scouring the northwest section of the map, you’ll find an archery challenge that’s east of Lone Spirit Falls. The archer is facing a relatively large mountainscape. Red flowers are wrapped around the location, and there’s a small lake of water on the left side.

Archery Challenge #8

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The last archery challenge is on the most northern section of land on Iki Island at Raider’s Promontory. It is north of where you first landed after your ship went down. It is also northwest of Sly Hunter’s Forest. You’ll have to cross the water to get to it. It’s left of the monkey sanctuary found in the same area.