How to Groom in Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey


You are going back to a time where small gestures and simple acts went the world to creatures. A strong gesture between those attempting to bond in the animal kingdom is grooming. In Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey you’re going to live through a time where you have to build bonds up within and outside of your family. A great way to do so is by grooming, which is a great process to build up with a potential mate you’ve chosen, too.

How to Groom in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Properly Grooming

When you get the option to groom a potential mate, you’re going to go into a mini-game for the activity. The mini-game is reasonably straightforward and easy to do, but you need to pay attention to. To groom another, you need to approach them and hold the “B” button, or the respective button for the type of controller or keyboard you’re using. You’re going to see what prompt you need to hold on-screen.

In the grooming mini-game, you’re going to have to hold the respective button the entire time. However, you want to release it when you hear a distinct sound cue from the sound. You’ll know the sound cue after a few trial and error attempts on your part. To complete the game, you need to release the button correctly four times, or you’re going to end up an unsatisfied partner on your hands.

When you complete the grooming process four times in a row and do it successfully, you’re going to have a happy mate on your hands. They’ll want to couple with you afterward, giving you access to mating and breeding with them, continuing the process of evolution. For those who have more questions on coupling, check out our guide to cover the finer details of being with a mate.