How to Complete The Ancient Door & The Sundial in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s time to help Rapunzel fix the time anomalies in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time with Ancient Door and Sundial.

DDV Ancient Door Guide

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After meeting Rapunzel for the first time, you’ll get Ancient Door and Sundial, her first quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time.

Despite how clueless she seems to be, Rapunzel is willing to help you take care of the time anomalies in Eternity Isle. In Ancient Door and Sundial, you’ll put the Royal Hourglass to good use by finding sun core pieces and sundial gears. This will unlock Rapunzel’s Tower in DDV.

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How to Enter the Ancient Door in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sun Core Pieces DDV
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To complete The Ancient Door in DDV, break all five rocks to Rapunzel’s right and place the missing Sun Core in the door. The first step is to break the five rocks, which gives you access to the door.

Sun Core Pieces Locations in DDV

Sundial Gear Location DDV
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The Sun Core Pieces can be found by breaking Gray Floating Rocks in the Docks and the Plains with the Royal Hourglass in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

While their location might differ for everyone, I’ll tell you where I found my Sun Core pieces in Disney Dreamlight Valley: both Sun Cores were in the Glittering Dunes’ Plains.

However, the quest mentions they can also spawn in the Docks, the starting area where you’ll find your boat.

TIP: If you haven’t completed Eve’s Directive: Danger! yet, you might want to snap a shot of this boat for her quest.

Once you’ve retrieved all the pieces, head to the crafting station to piece them together. Place the Sun Core in the center of the door to complete the Ancient Door in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Find All Floating Sundial Gears in Disney Dreamlight Valley

DDV Sundial Guide
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To find all floating Sundial Gears in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll have to catch all Sundial Gears and bring them back to the Sundial Isle. Some of them will be lying on the ground, while some will be flying Snitch-style, and you’ll have to catch them.

The first one is pretty easy because it’s already inside Sundial Isle. Catch the Floating Sun Core on Sundial Island and place it inside the golden device with the Sun Core empty slot. Then, head back outside Eternity Isle to look for all Sundial Gears in DDV:

  • 1x Sundial Gear found right outside Sundial Isle.
  • 3x Sundial Gears found on The Grasslands, one lying on the ground and two flying.
  • 2x Sundial Gears lying on the ground in the Plains
  • 3x Sundial Gears in the Plains, two flying and one lying on the ground
Rapunzel's Tower LocatioN DDV
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Now that you’ve found all Floating Sundial Gears, head back to Sundial Isle, where Rapunzel is to complete Sundial in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After this, you’ll have to follow Rapunzel to her Tower in the Grove, which you must unlock in exchange for 4000 Mist.