Andrew’s Niche location – Happy Together – Cyberpunk 2077

An old friend.


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Cyberpunk 2077 is filled with side-jobs and gigs, and many of them will have a strong emotional core. Happy Together is one such quest. When you leave your apartment after first realizing you are now acting as some kind of flesh taxi for Jonny Silverhand, you will notice some police outside your neighbors.

You can speak to them and they will tell you they are worried about a friend from the force who lost a friend. They want to speak to him, but he won’t open the door. They will ask you to check on him, and if you bang on the door you will get no response. The mission tracker will change, telling you to call back later.

Play through some more missions, then call back to see how he is doing. This time he will answer the door and you can speak with him. There are no complex dialogue options, he will just tell you a friend of his passed, and you will talk about that for a while.

When it’s over, you can return to talk to the cops, or you can go in search of Andrew’s Niche, which is something you want to do to get the best ending. Follow the waypoint outside the city to a massive memorial, then walk inside, still following the waypoint. When you get close, it will turn into a large searchable square you will need to check.

You can see exactly where in the square you need to be to find Andrew’s Niche. After checking it out, speak with Silverhand, then return to the cops to finish up the mission.