Anno 1800 – How To Find The New World


The New World opens up all kinds of options in Anno 1800. You will need to build a whole new city, make new relationships, and learn how to take advantage of the natural resources the New World offers. You will need lots of them to provide luxury goods to your growing population in the Old World, and to facilitate the continued social mobility of your citizens.

How To Find The New World


To get to the new World, you need to play through the campaign until you reach Chapter 2. Once you do, get access to the Iron Mine by playing through the quest steps, and then build everything you need to make ships for the Queen. Once you have sold the Queen a Schooner, two Gunboats and a Frigate, the next stage of this chapter begins. You will need to follow a smuggler, and this is a little awkward. I suggest just manually moving your ship around by clicking on the map rather than setting it to automatically follow the boat, as if you stray too close you will be seen, and if you stray too far you will lose your quarry.

The smuggler will lead you to a cove, and an enemy ship will attack you. If you want to, just bring multiple boats for this part, as you should easily be able to take down the ship if you outnumber it. When you destroy the enemy ship, you will discover your Father’s diary among the wreckage and can bring this to Kashina who will tell you that Pyrphorians are somehow involved in your Father’s death. Bring the diary to Archibald at his lighthouse, and you can now move on to the next step, a special Expedition to the New World!

The Expedition will have some encounters that will force you to make decisions about how you wish to proceed. Read all your options carefully, and pay close attention to the statistical chance of success for each one. Once you have played through this part, you will be able to set up your new city in the New World.