How To Swap or Switch Weapons In Anthem

Anthem is a game that is mainly based on multiplayer and therefore offers different options for different challenges. The game allows you to choose between different Javelin, weapons and much more. The choice of weapons is crucial because during the battles you will happen to exchange them and then you will have to possess weapons that are equally powerful depending on the situation in which you will find yourself.

How To Switch Weapons In Anthem

Here is how to change weapons in Anthem.

Anthem: How to Swap Weapons

Before you can even think about swapping to another weapon, you’ll need the ability to equip two. To do that you’ll need to raise your Pilot Level to level 3. The good news is this shouldn’t be hard to do, as you need to keep playing and completing different missions.

Playing with other players or friends is the best way to do this, honestly, as experience is shared when playing with others. Once you’ve reached Pilot Level 3 in Anthem, you can go to the Forge and equip a second weapon. You can collect new weapons while out exploring or craft them yourself.

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Anthem: How to Switch Weapons

Now that you have a second equipped weapon, you can quickly exchange weapons. All you have to do is press Square on PlayStation 4, X on Xbox One and Tab on PC. What you will find on the ground, like ammunition and blue spheres, will be useful at the same time for both the weapons you have supplied. Keep in mind, however, that not all Javelin can equip all weapons. For example, the Colossus is the only one able to equip the minigun and the grenade launcher, but can not equip a simple pistol or a powerful SMG.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change weapons in Anthem.