Anthem: How To Claim Legion Of Dawn Armor, and Pre-order Bonus

Xur In A Tree

If you purchased the Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition, or have pre-ordered the game, you will have noticed the items do not automatically arrive in your inventory. You need to find a specific NPC in Tarsis to claim them from.

How To Unlock Legion Of Dawn Armor and Pre-order Bonus

Prospero's Vanity Shop

Once you load up the game and play through the first couple of missions, there will be an NPC in the main courtyard called Prospero. Speak to him, and he will talk to you about making your Javelin look better. You will need to head out on a Freeroam mission and find some materials. Once you are back and have brought the materials, Prospero will be able to open up his Vanity Shop.

This shop is where you can buy various skins for your Javelin. If you access the shop, you will see a tab called Rewards. Go here, then select your Legion of Dawn Armor, or pre-order bonus, rewards, and claim them.

In short,

  • Step 1: Play Anthem up to Prospero Mission.
  • Step 2: Complete Prospero Mission.
  • Step 3: Open Store and go to the Rewards Tab.
  • Step 4: Claim Rewards.

Legion of Dawn Armor

You can now go to the Forge and will be able to select your new armor under the Appearance tab. From here, you can apply your various pieces of armor, and choose the colors of your Javelin. Don’t forget to equip the special weapon in the Inventory tab, it has a Power of 18, which will benefit you in the early game.

What Are The Pre-Order Bonuses?

If you pre-ordered the Standard Edition of the game, you could claim Legion of Dawn armor skin for the Ranger Javelin, as well as a special weapon. If you purchased the Legion of Dawn Edition of the game, you could claim Legion of Dawn armor skins for all four Javelins, as well as the special weapon, and a special gear attachment for the Ranger Javelin.