Anthem Crafting Guide


Crafting is an essential feature in Anthem. It allows you to create some unique weapons and powers for your Javelin. Your weapons and powers define your playstyle and ensure you’re doing the optimal amount of damage to your opponents as you level up.

Crafting in Anthem is not straightforward, however. Here’s a breakdown about what you need to know about crafting and how to use it to turn your Javelin into a force of destruction.

Crafting Components

Like any good crafting system, you need to gather up specific components to use to construct these magnificent creations. There are 11 different resources you can gather while you play. You can also obtain crafting components from breaking down weapons or powers you no longer plan to use.

Chimeric Compound

This is the primary biology material found in Anthem’s lush vegetation. You’re going to see this when you’re harvesting plants you in the jungle environment.

Chimeric Alloy

This is the harder, crystal-like material found in Anthem’s rocks. You’re more likely to run into these when you’re in caves or underground.

Weapon Parts

These are the critical components used to manufacture a devastating Javelin weapon. You’ll find these in bandit camps or supply caches throughout Anthem’s environments.

Colossus, Interceptor, Ranger, and Storm Parts

These are crafting materials solely used for manufacturing gadgets wielded by the Javelins. These are critical to constructing the unique tools of each mech. You’ll discover these when looting treasure chests, supply caches, or breaking down your chosen Javelin’s gear or component.

Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Masterwork Embers

Embers are the most crucial crafting material you’re going to search for in Anthem. They go into everything you craft. Because of this, you can find them anywhere. You’ll receive them when you deconstruct weapons, gear, and components, and you have the chance to grab a few whenever you loot anything. We have a guide on the website you can use to help you farm as much Ember as possible.

How To Craft

Unfortunately, once you have all the components, you can’t decide to make a new assault rifle or a new elemental attack for your Storm. You need a blueprint.

Blueprints determine the level, rarity, and type of item you want to make. They also outline how much of each material you need to make it. To find these, the best thing for you to do is to play the game and complete challenges. You can find these challenges in your in-game menu, which you can access by looking through your journal. You’ll see the “challenges” tab right next to it.

The Challenges tab in Anthem

There are challenges for exploration, earning faction loyalty, using weapons and gear, killing specific enemies, and more. Open any of these up, and it should show your current progression on that particular challenge. When you complete the challenge, you’ll receive the reward, and you can now craft it in your forge.

At the start, you don’t want to focus on crafting. Most of the weapons and gear you loot or acquire from expeditions should make your Javelin significantly more powerful. But don’t slack on those challenges. If you can get those out of the way as early as possible, your gear will remain top-notch during Anthem’s endgame.