Anthem Ember Farming: How To Get Embers

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Embers are a crafting material in Anthem. You will use them to craft weapons, gear for Javelins, and just about every item in the game. Embers come in various rarities. These are regular, uncommon, high, rare, epic and masterwork embers. Depending on the level of the blueprint you want to craft, you will need similar level embers. In this guide, we will show you where to get embers.

How And Where To Get Embers

Anthem Ember

Where To Find Ember Location Method #1

The easiest way to get embers is to salvage gear. You should be breaking down old weapons and gear anyway, so will be slowly building up a stock of embers from this method. You can either salvage things at the end of a mission, or from the Inventory tab in the Forge. When you salvage weapons and gear, you will get crafting materials, including embers. At the moment it seems that weapons and gear will drop embers similar to their rarity.

Where To Find Ember Location Method #2

You can also purchase embers using gold, at Prospero’s Vanity Shop, as shown in the image above. Embers will also drop when you harvest plants out in the world, so be sure to harvest as many plants as you can. They drop other useful materials as well.

Where To Find Ember Location Method #3

The best way to farm embers is by taking part in world events. World events will occur when you are in free roam mode, won’t take that long with a squad and will spawn in a chest when completed. This chest can contain pieces of ember.

As we get to spend more time with the game, we shall update this guide with what we think is the most time efficient world events to complete with your squad.