Anthem Prospero Guide: Where He Is, And What He Does

Prospero is an NPC in Anthem. He runs the microtransaction store and also performs a very vital function for anyone who has purchased the Legion of Dawn Edition, or pre-ordered the game.

Where To Find Prospero

Prospero Map

Prospero can be found in the main area of Tarsis, near where your Javelin is stored. He is located roughly halfway down the group of stalls that leads from the Javelin platform into the rest of Tarsis. You can see his store on the map above, next to the green arrow.

What Does Prospero Do

Microtransaction Store

Prospero is, essentially, the microtransaction store in Anthem. Here, you can buy new armor for your Javelins, as well as decals and other customization components. You can buy these with gold earned in game, or a special paid for a currency called Shards.

You can also buy crafting materials from him with gold, but this is less important. For the most part, you should be able to gather up plenty of crafting materials just by playing the game.

Legion of Dawn Edition And Pre-order Bonus

Prospero is also where you go to claim your pre-order bonus and the special armor that comes with the Legion of Dawn Edition of Anthem. For more information on how to do this, please check our guide! It is not something that you can do straight away and will need to perform some quick missions for Prospero before he lets you dress in your new armor.