Anthem: Where is The Tomb of Yvenia Location

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The location for the Tomb of Yvenia is a little tricky to get to, despite how close it to the entrance for Fort Tarsis. You’ve probably passed its entrance multiple times, circling the nearby region, hoping to discover it on a whim. Fear not, because in this guide we share how to locate this troublesome entrance so you can continue through Anthem’s main story.

Finding The Tomb of Yvenia Location

When you first load into Anthem’s Freeplay arena, you’re starting at the entrance of Fort Tarsis. From here, you should see a small river on your left. Fly down to this location and stop before you cross it. You don’t want to go too far and miss the entrance.

Tomb of Yvenia River Entrance

When you’re at the river and standing in it, turn to your left. You should see this massive cave entrance with a few small creatures running to and fro inside here. This cave entrance is the simple detail you’ve been missing, and what’s made finding this tomb such a challenge.

Tomb of Yvenia Cave

Now that you’ve found the cave jump up into the air and fly through it. You won’t have to go too far inside. Eventually, you should see a pair of armored Sentinels on the right side of the cave patrolling the tomb’s entrance. You’ve arrived, and now you can claim your prize of advancing through this quest.

Tomb of Yvenia Tomb Entrance

For those who still need chests to complete the Tomb of Yvenia quest, we already have a guide showing you where you can locate them in Anthem’s open world.