Apex Legends: Conduit’s Background, Story, And Lore Explained

Conduit is a complicated character in Apex Legends, but one with a background and story worth knowing because it’s inspirational.

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Conduit is a shield healer character added to Apex Legends with Season 19 Ignite. She’s motivated, loves the Apex Games, and wants to do right by her family, which is why she became a Legend to enter the arena in the first place.

When it comes to the background and lore of every character in Apex Legends, we believe Conduit is one of the most interesting and inspiring. She really is giving her all in more ways than one, so her family can have a better life. Along the way, she improves the chances of her teammates winning, which is never a bad thing. There’s a bittersweet note to her story, though, one that makes her even more endearing.

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Who is Conduit in Apex Legends

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Conduit grew up on the planet Nexus, a world that’s been rebuilt since the Frontier War, which was first popularized in Titanfall’s lore. Her real name is Rowenna Valentina Coffey Divina, and she chose to see joy in every day as she grew up. Even though her government was falling apart, she always looked on the brighter side.

Her house lives in the shadow of a destroyed Monarch Titan. During the war, that Titan dropped, and its pilot gave its life to destroy every enemy in the area by smashing its battery. The Titan still sits there while its battery leaks radiation and taints the immediate vicinity. This moment was revealed just ahead of the release of information about Conduit and Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite.

Rowenna is a massive fan of the Apex Games, inspired by the stories of the nearby Titan. One day, when her sister Diwa comes home injured, she takes it upon herself to find a way to support her family. She seeks out the busted Titan battery in the radioactive zone and builds a suit powered by it that will help her compete in the Apex Games.

Despite a confrontation with Diwa about everything Apex Legends stands for, Rowenna keeps on fighting and raises Nexus’ profile thanks to her success. However, she’s paid a terrible price for her victories. The battery powering her suit is also slowly killing her, meaning she’ll die early.

However, despite facing such a dark, short future, Rowenna is as happy as Conduit and continues to smile through everything. She uses the battery she took to help her teammates and ensure victory in the face of adversity. Nothing can stand in her way, just like nothing could stand in the way of the Monarch Titan that protected her home.

We love that Conduit’s backstory matches how she plays in Apex Legends. She provides her allies with shields, sprints faster when she’s running to her teammates, and has an Ultimate that deploys shield jammers and damages enemies. She’s the perfect embodiment of her story, exactly how a Legend should be, and she’s forging her own path through the Apex Games.

Even more information about Conduit can be found on the official Apex Legends page. However, we recommend playing as her to discover her story through what she says, her actions and the bits and pieces players can pull together by experiencing how she fights.