Apex Legends’ Havoc Energy Rifle

 Apex Legends’ Havoc Energy Rifle

The Havoc energy rifle makes its way into Apex Legends this week. Wielding this weapon is no joke, and Respawn has described it as a gun with “multiple personalities.” Given the Havoc’s wide range of usefulness, they weren’t kidding. If you want to master this weapon, you’re going to need to play around with it for a couple of matches and grow used to it. Before you jump in, here’s some critical information you need to know.

Havoc Energy Rifle Breakdown

Here are the core stats of the weapon:

  • Magazine Size: 25
  • Head/Body/Leg Damage: 36/18/13.5
  • Ammo type: Energy
  • Firing Mode: Automatic
  • Attachments: Optic, Stock, and Hop-up

You cannot increase in the Havoc’s magazine size, but you can change what kind of gun it is. Unlike other weapons in the game, this is the first one where a firearm can wield two different Hop-up attachments, the Turbocharger or the Selectfire Receiver. You must choose one over the other; you cannot have both equipped.

You change how the gun functions based on what Hop-up you equip.

By equipping the Selectfire Receiver, you can turn the Havoc into a single-fire sniper rifle, with the correct optic attached to it. You’ll find this the inferior attachment of the two available. Switching to this mode causes the Havoc’s shots to now use five energy ammo per shot, plus there’s a bit of wait time between pulling the trigger and the gun firing a shot. If you don’t compensate for this, you can easily miss your target and alert your enemies to your location.

Comparatively, the Turbocharger transforms the Havoc into a devastating force of destruction on the battlefield. Before attaching the Turbocharger, you’re likely to notice a small load time before the bullets start firing. It functions much like the Devotion, except the Havoc doesn’t fire anything during the charge up, whereas the Devotion will, albeit at a limited rate. The Turbocharge removes this delay, though. Without it, the Havoc freely fires out bullets at a quick rate and unleashes hell on any unsuspecting enemy you find in your sights.

Of the two, the Turbocharger stands out on top. For those who want a new sniper rifle to try, feel free to give the Havoc with a Selectfire Receiver its fair chance, but don’t expect to rack up the kills.

When aiming at your foes, you don’t want to start with going for their head. The Havoc’s firing pattern naturally brings its barrel up in a line for the first series of shots. Keep this in mind, because if you do start off firing at a foe’s head, you’ll notice a majority of your shots go straight over them. If an opponent crouches in time, none of your bullets will hit their mark.

The final thing to note about the Havoc is it uses energy ammo. You’ll be hard pressed for someone who regularly plays Apex Legends to say they find energy ammo all to time. Of all the type available, energy is the hardest to locate reliably. As such, you want to conserve as much of ammunition as possible and only fire off shots you know you can hit. If you practice with the Havoc enough, compensate for its slow starting charge up and its upwards firing pattern, you should have enough ammo to take you and your squad into the late game with plenty of kills to your name.