Apex Legends’ Ranked mode, explained – Ranks, requirements, and more

Climb the ladder.

With Apex Legends being one of the most popular multiplayer shooters currently available, it is no surprise that it has a Ranked mode for those looking to prove their might in the game. If you want to take the game more seriously, the Ranked Leagues section is for you. Here are the ranks, requirements, and everything else you need to know about playing the Ranked Battle Royale mode.


Starting off, you should know that Ranked Leagues is separate from the Ranked Arenas mode in Apex Legends, and your progress in one will not carry to the other. What we are talking about is the traditional Battle Royale experience.

Based on your performance in these matches, you will have a rank denoted by your RP to determine if you can play in higher tiers where similarly ranked players are. You earn RP based on placing in the top 10 in the match and how many kills and assists you got. That RP will be used to enter matches at higher tiers when you reach them to prove that you belong in that tier. You will need to continuously perform well to keep earning enough RP to climb the ranks. That being said, you can not lose a rank once you have reached it (outside of the top rank Apex Predator).

At the beginning of each new season and midway through it, there will be a Split. There will be a soft reset among the ranks during this time, and the higher-ranked players will get rewards. Additionally, the map used for every match will change as well.

Depending on where you rank is when the Split happens, you will receive some rewards in the form of badges, weapons charms, and more. If you want to play with friends, you must be within one tier of each other at all times and will always play at the highest member’s rank in the party.


There are seven ranks in Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues. At each tier, there are four divisions, with four being the lowest and one the highest in that rank. While you can not lose your tier before a Split happens, you can drop divisions. Here is each rank and the RP needed to reach them.

  • Bronze – starting point
  • Silver – 1,200
  • Gold – 2,800
  • Platinum – 4,800
  • Diamond – 7,200
  • Master – 10,000
  • Apex Predator – Top 750 players on the platform who are above 10,000 RP

A majority of players will end the season in the Bronze and Silver tiers with a pretty good chunk making it to Gold. Just about 2% of players make it to at least Diamond, with less than 1% making Master.

The RP cost to enter each ranked match is:

  • Bronze – free
  • Silver – 12 RP
  • Gold – 24 RP
  • Platinum – 36 RP
  • Diamond – 48 RP
  • Master and Apex Predator – 60