How to complete Ascension in Disciples: Liberation

There are alternatives to fighting.


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Not everything goes correctly in Disciples: Liberation when attempting to meet with the Elves in The Whitelands. If you try to go through the main gate, you might encounter some trouble and be forced to find an alternative entrance. On your way to finding an alternative path, you’ll discover Ryla’An, Chieftain of the Ry Dynasty, who is willing to assist you. She gives you two choices: Activating the five Coridels in the Whitelands or Breaking the Strongpeak fortress by force.

Breaching the Strongpeak by Force

If you choose not to activate the five Coridels, you’ll have to take the fight straight to the Elves. You can do this by returning to the front gate and attempting to battle against the unrelenting Elven forces guarding the entrance.

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You’ll be battling against Elven units, such as Black Guards, Feral Snipers, Feral Warriors, Scouts, and Shadow Casters. The exact units may vary depending on your difficulty and your current level. This is the more difficult route, and we don’t recommend it. Therefore, we did not go down this path and instead decided to activate the five Coridels.

Activating the five Coridels

Choosing to active the five Coridels is not an easy task, either. But it’s easier to tackle than battling the front gate of Strongpeak. You’ll need to visit five obelisk locations throughout The Whitelands, each of them marked on your map. These locations are guarded by a small Elven force, but they’re at a lower level than the ones guarding the gates.

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Upon defeating all five Elven packs, and activating the five Coridels, return to Ryla’an, where you can now sneak through the secret entrance to her left.

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You’ll have made your way through the entrance and can enter Strongpeak. You’ll receive The Fall of Strongpeak quest, where you can now contact Ormeriel, the leader of the Elves.