Are Among Us servers shutting down?

Among Us is here to stay.

Image via Innersloth

There are several rumors going around that the Among Us servers could be shutting down. These rumors circulate pretty often, and the question of what’s going to happen to the game servers is brought up every few months, especially when the team are busy working on the next update. Luckily, fans don’t have anything to worry about. The Among Us servers are safe, and they are not going to shut down. The development team at Innersloth are not moving on from this project for quite some time.

If you see any of these rumors gaining traction, you don’t have anything to worry about unless it comes directly from the Innersloth development team. These rumors are pretty easy to ignore, too. Most of them try to generate some worrisome hype surrounding Among Us. The Innersloth team is extremely keen on keeping the Among Us servers online.

When they initially gained a good amount of popularity during the Pandemic, they were originally planning to change game engines and create Among Us 2. However, they wanted to keep the community together and scrapped that idea, instead bringing all of their ideas for the second game to the first one, making sure everyone could stick together and play with their friends.

With no formal announcements from the Innersloth development team, the rumors of the Among Us servers shutting down are not true and won’t happen in the foreseeable future.