Are assassinations in Halo Infinite?

Hit them with a swift strike.

Image via 343 Industries

If you could sneak up behind an enemy in Halo Reach and did a melee attack, you could perform an assassination on them. The assassination attack allowed you to eliminate this enemy instantly, and you performed an extravagant animation. Assassinations have appeared in other Halo games, but can you perform assassinations in Halo Infinite?

The lack of assassinations in Halo Infinite was confirmed several months before the game launched, during a multiplayer trailer and then during a Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview. 343 Industries’ Tom French, the game’s lead multiplayer developer, confirmed that assassinations wouldn’t appear in launch because of the gameplay disadvantage of a character performing the animation, giving another enemy enough time to save their friend. However, after assassinations receive a rework, they would appear in Halo Infinite post-launch.

Right now, the answer to if assassinations are in the game is no, but you can still take out a character from behind. We can confirm that when you are behind an enemy in a multiplayer fight, and you use a melee attack, your Spartan character won’t perform an assassination animation. However, if they are behind an enemy and use a melee strike, the attack is an instant kill.

The animations for assassinations are not in Halo Infinite, but the effects are there. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date or any teaser on when assassinations will return to Halo Infinite.