Are Jessie and James coming to Pokémon Go?

The infamous duo could make an unannounced appearance.

Image via the Pokémon Company through Bulbapedia

Jessie and James have been notorious Team Rocket members from the Pokémon animation show. They continuously attempt to steal Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu, among any other Pokémon that get in their way. While they have tried on multiple occasions, they consistently fail and find themselves not the worst people in the world. With the upcoming Team Rocket Balloon event coming to Pokémon Go, could these two characters find their way to the game? New text datamined by Pokéminers suggests that this could be happening.

The full text has been pushed to Reddit by a member of the Pokeminers team, where you can read the full text. While Jessie and James do not have direct dialogue, some of the Team Go Rocket Balloon grunts make references to asking trainers if they had seen a pair of weirdos, one with blue hair and another with magenta hair. Given how much developer Niantic has been pushing the balloons for Team Rocket, it’s unlikely these dialogue hints are merely references and are likely leaning towards these two appearing as a unique encounter.

When they show up remains a mystery. Jessie and Jamies might be on the run from Team Rocket by the sounds of the leaked dialogue and are attempting to engage in their own nefarious activities. They could have special shadow Pokémon attached to them that players can rescue or be tied to an event we don’t know about. We’ll find out when the Team Rocket balloon grunts arrive to Pokémon Go and engage players in the dialogue. None of the leaked dialogue mentions a talking Meowth, but the furry companion could likely make an appearance alongside them, even if it’s only a Pokémon they use in battle.