Are there any cheats in Subverse?

Unlock everything the hard way.


Screenshot by Gamepur

As a game that offers a wide variety of lewd scenes to unlock for each of the female crew members, it’s natural that players will want to access this content as soon as possible. The surprisingly challenging grid ground battles and shoot ‘em up gameplay in Subverse means that it’s not as simple as running through the story and getting them for free.

For this reason, you might expect there to be a system in place to allow those simply looking to access these scenes to be able to do so via cheats. As the game requires you to progress in the story content to unlock more of the female crewmates, there is still an incentive for players to complete the game, albeit with a much easier path to progression.

However, there is no official set of cheats in Subverse. None of the options menus offer the ability to offer a cheat code entry, and there are no known actions that you can take to unlock or toggle cheats within the game. If you want to unlock the lewd scenes that the game has to offer, you will need to complete missions and gain PP to gain access to more characters and scenes with each.

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That said, there are ways that you can potentially use cheats with third-party software, such as Cheat Engine. These inject the game’s code with the ability to fool the game into activating certain perks, like unlimited PP for each character. 

However, they can cause the game to break as it is not designed to work with cheats. Using them would be doing so at your own risk and is not recommended. 

If you simply want access to the scenes, the best way of doing that legitimately is to skip all story-based material using the C key when in a dialogue sequence. Then, blast through the main and side quests to earn PP with the characters you want to see.