Are there loot boxes in Diablo Immortal? Answered

It’s a complicated situation.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Loot boxes have been one of the more highly contested features introduced in games from the 2010s. People do not like them because of the parallels they draw to gambling, and when you have kids that can get involved in gambling, you have a messy situation. Because of that, loot boxes are banned in various countries. Diablo Immortal was banned in two countries before its launch for their loot box legislation, but does the game actually have loot boxes?

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Are there any loot boxes in Diablo Immortal?

If you are looking at loot boxes like the typical feature that past games have offered, then Diablo Immortal does not technically have them. That being said, there is a feature in the game that essentially works almost the same way as a loot box which probably was a key reason the game was banned in certain territories.

One of Diablo Immortal’s main featured game modes is the Elder Rifts. These areas are filled with enemies and have you run through them to earn random loot and rewards at the end. However, players can earn and buy Crests, which can be added to the Rift to “modify” the Rift and earn more rewards.

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These Crests are essentially what makes Elder Rifts the loot box system in Diablo Immortal. Since you have the chance to spend real money on the Crests, you are giving yourself a better chance to be rewarded with random rewards. You are essentially putting money down to increase your gambling odds in this very specific part of the game. Unfortunately, this also sets the game up as a pay-to-win title. If you use Legendary Crests on the Rifts, you are guaranteed better drops than anyone without it.