Astral Chain File 3 “Quiz Kids” Mission Guide | Which brother is telling the truth?


In Astral Chain‘s File 3, you come across a group of five identical brothers. They ask you a question in exchange for telling you about important information on the case you are working on.

The riddle isn’t hard but, can be confusing depending on how you read the question. The five boys all read out a statement and ask you to choose the lone brother who is telling the truth, while the other four are lying.

Answering the question right the first time rewards you with a lot of unique items and an ability. Taking your time to figure out which one is telling the truth is vital.

But which one is telling the truth?

It’s the fourth brother, as the others are all saying what appears to be true statements between themselves. This breakdown in logic signals they are all lying to you, while the fourth brother was the one telling you the truth. His statement contradicted all the others.

After answering the question and getting your rewards, you can talk to the brothers to do another small puzzle challenge. You need to keep tabs on one of the brothers as they move swiftly around you, before picking them at the end.

Complete, and more rewards will be yours.