AvocadoBeard error code in Sea of Thieves explained

Online services are a little tricky.

Screengrab via Rare

The error codes in Sea of Thieves are oddly named as if they were old pirate captains, but they have entirely valid explanations of how to handle them. The AvocadoBeard error code is a relatively simple one that many players received when the game first launched. It means the account you are attempting to play on in Sea of Thieves does not have access to Xbox Live, and you can’t log into the game because you cannot play it offline. It means the same thing if you attempt to log into the game on Steam, which is confusing because you do not need Xbox Live to play the game through Steam.

If you’re playing from an Xbox One or through the Xbox beta application from your PC, you need to have Xbox Live on your account if you do not have a subscription to the Xbox PC Game Pass. Ensure the credit card or payment information you’re using is valid and has not expired. After you settle the payment issues, you should be able to log back into the game with no further problems. The same goes to those who have an Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass subscription.

For those experiencing this when playing through Steam, double-check the Microsoft account you are logging into Sea of Thieves. If you log into the game that is not connected to the Steam account that owns Sea of Thieves, you see the AvocadoBeard error message pop up. To make sure you’re using the correct Microsoft account, try logging into Sea of Thieves by directly clicking the application through your Steam library. If that doesn’t work, visit the Sea of Thieves website to double-check the Microsoft account you have there is linked to your Steam account, which could be causing the issues.

To double-check you have the correct account you could uninstall it from Steam and give it a fresh install. This way, you’d be able to sync the proper accounts together, primarily if another Microsoft account owner uses the same computer.