Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Let Araj’Oblodra Use Your Blood For A Potion

Should you let Araj’Oblodra make a potion from your blood in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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An NPC called Araj’Oblodra offers the player a once-in-a-lifetime deal in Baldur’s Gate 3, but should the player allow her to take your blood and make a potion out of it? But can you trust a blood-obsessed drow elf who needs your vitae for a mysterious project?

Araj’Oblodra can be found in Moonrise Towers, in the south of the Underdark in Act II. She is a drow with silver hair and way too much red eyeshadow. When you talk to her, she’ll ask to make a potion out of your blood, so long as she gets to keep some for her own research. Araj’Oblodra will also ask Astarion to drink her blood, which has its own separate dialogue options that are unrelated to the blood potion.

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Should You Let Araj’Oblodra Make A Potion From Your Blood In Baldur’s Gate 3?

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If you let Araj’Oblodra make a potion out of your blood, you will take a few points of damage but will be no worse for wear. The potion you get has effects that differ, depending on your player race, but they only last until the next Long Rest, and most aren’t impressive. The potions just give another character some of your racial bonuses.

There’s no real downside to giving Araj’Oblodra some of your blood for a potion, as it doesn’t come back to bite you later on. Chances are, Araj’Oblodra will be killed by the end of the chapter, either by yourself or one of the NPCs. Moonrise Towers is a deadly place, and it will likely be a bloodbath by the time you leave, even if you decide to play an evil character.

The more interesting choice involves Astarion’s biting decision, as he will disapprove if you force him to do it, but you’ll get a potion that permanently increases a character’s Strength by two. The Strength potion is far more useful, but it means risking getting on Astarion’s bad side, and he’s one of the best party members in the game, especially to people who don’t want to play a Rogue.

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Araj’Oblodra’s potion is a bet of a letdown for all of the build-up to its creation. It would have been better if it offered permanent boosts, but some hidden downside was revealed further down the line. As it stands, you’re free to let the drow potion maker brew up a delicious blood potion but don’t expect much from it.