Battle Pass Boosts in Halo Infinite multiplayer explained

No, we need to boost.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass system functions similar to the way many others do. You complete challenges and play the game to earn experience for the Battle Pass and unlock rewards from there. While playing Halo Infinite, you may come across boosts that will give you a jump start on that pass. Here is how to use them.

To use boosts, open up the Battle Pass page. It is in the top right corner of the main menu. When you are on the page that shows all the rewards, look underneath your current Battle Pass level in the top left of the screen for Boosts. Open that.

When you bring up the sidebar, you will notice various options here. At the top is the option to increase your level by one by spending 200 credits that you have purchased. If you would rather spend those credits in the store on cosmetics, do not select this option.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The bottom section will be your boosts and grants. If you have purchased the Premium Battle Pass, you will have enough grants to jump forward 25 levels automatically. Select XP Grant and choose 100 to spend all of them at once, or you can do a lesser amount if you want to save some for the future. The number of grants you currently have is in the bottom right.

As for Double XP Boosts, you earn those from the Battle Pass as long as you purchased it. Each time you use one of these tokens, you will get double the experience towards the active Battle Pass for a half hour. The number of Double XP Boosts you have currently is in the bottom left of this sidebar.

Boosts are a great way to quickly gain levels on a Battle Pass if you are not feeling the grind through challenges. We highly recommend not spending your credits on leveling up since the challenges will be the best way to do that.