Beneath the Great Machine quest guide – Destiny 2

Home to roost.

Image via Bungie

In the Beneath the Great Machine quest, players will be bringing the Fallen back to the Last City to take up residence there. The mission comes just after the Lost Splicer mission where players meet Mithrax for the first time.

To begin the mission, players will need to go to the Helm will can be found just above the Tower node in the Destinations map of the Director. From there, they can find a small icon for “Last City: Eliksni Quater” on the lower left side of the map of the HELM.

After traveling to the Last City, follow the waypoint to speak with Mithrax and the other characters. This is a long conversation, a little bit of a lore dump, and begins to establish the tense relationship between everybody in the Tower and Last City. Once it is over, players will be instructed to return to the HELM.

At the HELM, players will find that the area has been expanded, a new annex for the Fallen has been added, and that it contains a Splicer Servitor. Speaking with the Splicer Servitor, which will be marked by a waypoint, will earn player the Paradrome Cube Artifact for this season, as well as the Splicer Guantlet that they will need for the Override activity.

There are currently some known issues with this quest, where it will not appear for some players, but it is not known what is causing this issue at this time.