The Best Extremely Rare Armor in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne


Armor plays a significant role in Monster Hunter World. Between raw defense and various elemental defense, players will need to plan their loadout before a hunt. Iceborne adds new monsters and with it, new armor and new armor stats.

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what armor set is definitively the best. Arguably it’s impossible to make that decision since all of them have their strengths. What one set lacks in raw defense it might make up for in elemental defense. Digital Trends has a list of the best armor in Iceborne.

Best Total Defense: Velkhana +

After the first Elder Dragon set in World, it’s probably not surprising that Iceborne’s flagship Elder Dragon would have one of the best sets in the game. It will take some time to farm up the materials for this set, which is also not surprising. Grinding is a core feature in Monster Hunter. This full set offers a massive 771 total defense and 20 ice defense. It comes at a cost with a -15 in terms of fire defense.

Best Elemental Defense

In terms of elemental damage, this answer varies depending on the armor set. Fulgur Anjanath offers some nice thunder resistance but will be very weak to ice as a result. Meanwhile, Viper Kadachi has some excellent water resistance, but with -15 thunder and then -10 on ice, it has its weaknesses.

One of the changes with Iceborne was with elemental damage. That is, it got buffed. Players could get away with not using elemental damage before, relying on raw damage output. While that will still be a factor, elemental damage now throws its weight into the battle. As a result, catering your build to a monster’s element is advised.

Elemental damage changes are the reason it’s hard to give a definitive answer for the best armor set in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. The Velkhana set has the highest numbers, but that doesn’t make it the best armor.