Best armor to use in Fallout 76

What is the best armor you can get in Fallout 76 without needing to resort to using power armor?


Image via Bethesda

From the beginning of the game, you need armor to survive in the wastelands of Fallout 76. Damage and energy resistance are a must to take on some of the harder-hitting enemies that come later on. You’ll even require some radiation resistance to tackle nuclear fallout areas and to survive around the nuclear waste that plagues areas of the map.

While there are many different armors to choose from, only one is agreed upon to be the best that the game has to offer. What armor is the best in Fallout 76? That would be the Secret Service Armor. This armor set can rival power armor and even has the highest radiation resistance compared to every other standard armor in the game.

How to get the Secret Service Armor

The Secret Service Armor isn’t an armor set that can found or looted. Instead, you will need to craft it piece by piece. The plans for this armor set can be bought from Regs after completing the Wastelanders questline. This questline ultimately ends when you reach Vault 79 and unlock the usage of Gold Bullion. There are whole guides dedicated to farming Gold Bullion to make getting the armor easier. Regs sells all the plans at the following costs:

  • Arms: 750 for each arm
  • Legs: 750 for each leg
  • Chest: 1,250
  • Helmet: 1,650
  • Underarmor: 250

It’s important to note that Minerva can sometimes sell the Secret Service Armor as well. She can be found at Foundation, Crater, or Fort Atlas. She appears in one of these locations from Monday to Wednesday and sells a random stock of items. She also periodically has sales later in the week.


Depending on what upgrade path you choose to take when crafting the armor it can be extremely good. While the base version of the armor is great, it can be much better. Gathering the buttressed upgrade for each piece of the armor will drastically increase its resistance. the armor’s base resistances are:

  • Arms: 40 damage resistance – 40 energy resistance – 40 radiation resistance
  • Legs: 40 damage resistance – 40 energy resistance – 40 radiation resistance
  • Chest: 90 damage resistance – 60 energy resistance – 60 radiation resistance