Best augmentations in The Ascent

The 10 best augmentations to help you get through The Ascent.

Image via Neon Giant

Whether alone or with friends, these 10 augmentations are the perfect picks to help you become overpowered and escape from corporate control in The Ascent. Many powerful augmentations didn’t make this list, especially many of the summon augmentations, and this is largely because we preferred to focus on augmentations with a very high general use, rather than include augmentations which require a great degree of specialization to utilize effectively.

10. Rat Bite

Rat Bite is an augmentation that makes enemies fight for you for a short duration. This is one of, if not the most powerful effect of any augmentation, but its high cost and cooldown keeps it at only number 10 on our list.

9. Volatile

When you activate Volatile, nearby enemies will become marked. These marked enemies will then explode on death, dealing damage around them. It’s perfect for clearing a room.

8. Biometric Timestamp

After a short delay, Biometric Timestamp will repair your injuries. With a relatively low cooldown, this is the most reliable method for keeping your health topped up over time.

7. Joyrun Dragon

This augmentation put foes into stasis, allowing you to safely negotiate the battlefield.

6. Stasis Stomp

The perfect crowd control ability, this augmentation launches nearby enemies into the air and puts them into stasis, setting them up to suffer.

5. Looten

This generalist augmentation deploys a companion drone to help carry and collect loot from the ground, making your life easier and more efficient.

4. Propulsion Leap

This low cooldown ability allows you to fly across the battlefield, dealing damage where you land. Whether going in or out, it is difficult to overstate the value of mobility.

3. I/O Converter

This augmentation causes weapons, projectiles and explosions to only deal Digital Damage, a reversal that can greatly diversify your DPS portfolio.

2. Overclock

With a low cooldown of only 20 and an energy cost of 60, Overclock is an extremely valuable augmentation that enables you to pursue strategies that would otherwise be risky or resource intensive. While active, Overclock increases energy regeneration, tactical recharge, and reload speed, making you better at whatever it is you’re trying to do.

1. Hyper Focus

Hyper Focus is bullet time, slowing down incoming projectiles to make them easier to dodge. This ability comes in a pinch to save you, especially against difficult late game opponents. Because of its utility in the hardest sections of The Ascent, Hyper Focus is our pick as the very best augmentation.