Best characters to use for the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact

Here are the best Spiral Abyss characters in Genshin Impact.

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The Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact is a challenging set of battles, often considered the hardest in the game. To get a fast clear on the Spiral Abyss, you’ll need strong characters and team compositions so things go smoothly.

Fortunately, there are many characters for the Spiral Abyss that is not only strong but flexible. These characters have strengths in their kits that allow them to flex onto multiple teams. Possessing any of these characters means you have a good chance at getting a fast clear.

A fast clear is essential as the Spiral Abyss resets about two times a month. A fast Spiral Abyss clear leads to better rewards, with a potential 600 Primogems per reset.

Here are some of the strongest characters you can use in the Spiral Abyss. They aren’t ranked in any particular order and are considered for their ability to flex into several team compositions.


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Bennett is Genshin Impact’s premier healer and damage buffer, having an essential role in many different team comps. Not only does he have solid healing, but he’s one of the only characters in the game that can buff your team’s damage.

His burst sets a large AoE circle on the floor that heals and buffs any characters inside it. The attack buff on allies, coupled with the survivability it provides, allows Bennett to flex into many team comps, such as the community-named National team comp, which includes: Bennett, Xiangling, a hydro character such as Xingqiu or Tartaglia, and a flex unit like Raiden Shogun, Kazuha, or Sucrose.


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If you’re underestimating the fiesty cat Diona, you shouldn’t. She’s very underappreciated as a shielder and healer in the Spiral Abyss. She’s especially good if you don’t have a Zhongli of your own, but she fits in many comps where teams need a Cryo battery. Eula or a permafreeze team with Ganyu or Ayaka loves Diona support.

Her Constellation 6 also provides a large boost of Elemental Mastery with her Burst. This allows her to buff the damage of amplifying reactions, making her a great choice to add to a team reliant on reactions.


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Kazuha is the new premier Anemo unit — an all-in-one package of damage and utility. He provides a great amount of grouping with his Elemental Skill, boosts your team’s damage with his passive, and contributes greatly to your team’s overall damage with his Skill and Burst.

He fits in almost every team, due to his ability to boost elemental damage. He does not fit well with Anemo or Geo-focused teams, as he cannot buff those elements. Additionally, you would not pair Kazuha with a Eula or Razor who focuses on Physical damage. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with putting Kazuha on any team.


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Mona is strong burst support who excels in amplifying damage, but her main use is on a permafreeze team. She fills a strong niche in a permafreeze team, meaning she’s a premier support for characters like Ayaka or Ganyu.

While many players may not have access to such a high-cost team, Mona is an important part of many teams. If you have Mona and a Cryo DPS, you’ll have access to a great team.

Raiden Shogun

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Raiden Shogun is not as flexible as some other units, due to Electro being a limiting element. However, she has some of the most potentials of any unit in the game, due to her ability to empower some of the strongest supports in the game.

Additionally, she’s one of the strongest candidates for a National team, which is one of the most powerful teams in the game.


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Sucrose rounds out the Anemo supremacy as an accessible character who accomplishes many of the same things Venti and Kazuha do. While she’s not as powerful as the other two characters, the difference in power between her and Kazuha isn’t actually too much.

As she’s a four-star, she’s a great alternative for Kazuha in particular. She can fit in any team Kazuha does, and do a good job at it too.


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Venti is the second premier Anemo unit, notorious for his ability to completely trivialize many floors due to his Elemental Burst. His burst has the best grouping potential in the game, with a strong amount of crowd control. He’s an important part of many permafreeze teams due to this.

However, many enemies in the later floors become resistant to his crowd control, hurting his viability. This is becoming more of an issue as Spiral Abyss rotations become harder, so it’s possible Venti may fall out of the limelight completely soon. For now though, Venti can fit on almost any team.


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Did you know at low investments, Xiangling’s damage output matches that of a five-star character? When you pair her ultimate with reactions, particularly Vaporize and Melt, she deals a disturbing amount of damage. Additionally, she applies Pyro on every tick of her burst, meaning she trigger elemental reactions quickly.

Xiangling also has access to many free-to-play friendly weapons, such as The Catch. This makes her not only a flexible unit to put in teams like the National comp or a reverse melt comp, but a unit that is easy to build as well.


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Xingqiu is a meta-defining character due to his ability to apply the Hydro element on enemies with his ultimate. He does tons of damage with his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, but he enables his team as well with amplifying reactions such as Vaporize.

Xingqiu is also a relatively low investment unit, as one of his best weapons is a four-star weapon (the Sacrificial Sword). He slots in well on a National team or a permafreeze team with Ayaka or Kaeya.


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Zhongli consistently ranks as one of the most-used characters in the Spiral Abyss, and it’s easy to see why. Zhongli’s shield gives you a level of comfort in your game, due to how tanky it makes your characters. His shield does not break easily and allows you to dodge less in general.

Zhongli fits on many teams as well, as Geo is generally a non-disruptive element (he cannot be used on a permafreeze team, however, as the Geo element destroys any Frozen enemies.) Essentially, any team with low survivability will enjoy a Zhongli, and he’s almost always worth pulling.