5 best costumes for daily challenges in Fallout 76

Walk, walk. Fashion, baby!

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Fallout 76 is a post-apocalyptic open-world RPG set 25 years after a nuclear war devastated the world. Even with the world falling down around you, fashion is still important. Fallout 76 offers players a vast array of customization options, including various costumes that allow them to personalize their characters and stand out from others in the game. On top of that, some of your daily challenges can force you into a costume, so we’ve put together a list showing you a few that are very easy to get, making those challenges a breeze. These are ranked in order from hardest to easiest to acquire.

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5) Tattered Mole costume

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To find the Tattered Mole Costume, head to the Dolly Sods Wilderness. Once you arrive, turn left until you pass by a cabin. Ascend to the attic, and land on the rooftop with a mighty leap. You will find the suit, hat, or helmet on a shelf there. Fear not if it proves elusive, traversing multiple servers may be required to attain this attire.

4) Skeleton costume

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Looking to dress like death incarnate? head to the Pumpkin House, where you can procure the coveted Skeleton Outfit. A gentleman who uses a wheelchair holds the mask required to complete this bony ensemble. Once equipped with a mask, hurry to the Mountain Lookout for a matching outfit.

3) Civil War Dress costume

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To find the Civil War Dress, venture past the Lewisburg Station and behold a procession of railway carriages. Do not be tempted by their mundane appearance, for there lies a peculiar treasure within the car with open doors on both sides. Two long-deceased companions are locked in a passionate embrace, each clutching a Civil War-era relic. Grab the top hat held by one and a dress at the feet of the other.

2) Blue Ridge Caravan costume

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You must complete the Riding Shotgun event to unlock the Blue Ridge Caravan attire and respiratory apparatus. Next, you must deftly lead the Blue Ridge Caravan Co. through the perilous Big Bend Tunnel, which can be initiated by conversing with Vinny Costa at the Eastern entrance in the Cranberry Bog. The quantity of experience points and monetary compensation you get is contingent on the survival of the Brahmin. Although acquiring rare treasures remains unaffected by collecting any of the four possible supply caches, each secured adds 50 XP and ten caps to your tally.

1) Nurse costume

You’ll find several nurse uniforms in Fort Defiance. They all date back to the Allegheny Asylum days. Clean, colored variants are only found on the third floor of the north wing, in the restroom or barracks. As for the hats, there are several fixed spawn points around the building, but they can also randomly appear in the restroom or on a metal crate on the third floor. However, there is a chance of getting a tin foil hat instead.