Best Déjà Loot locations at King’s Canyon in Apex Legends

Where should you and your start during this Déjà Loot event?

Apex Legends

Image via Respawn Entertainment.

The next phase in the Déjà loot event has come to Apex Legends. This week, players are returning to the original map of King’s Canyon, where they have the opportunity to explore the game to locate the best weapons, gear, and equipment with their teammates to survive the battle royale match. Because the loot remains static each game, the loot locations apply for every round.

Best Déjà Loot locations in King’s Canyon

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Slum Labs

The slum labs features a variety of different items available to everyone in your team. There are two Evo shields in this area and a purple body shield inside of the building. You will mostly find a lot of medium-tier items in this location, but it’s far enough away from most of the action to serve as a great starting point for every team.


The artillery base is a significantly hot zone. If you plan to go here, you and your squad will want to communicate the entire time because of the popularity of the area. If you manage to survive here, you can find a variety of purple and blue body shields, a gold helmet, and plenty of weapons all over.

South of Relay

The middle ground between the relay and wetlands is an excellent location. If the daily flight path allows for it, you can start in this location without too much worry about other squads landing near you. In the wetlands area, to the east, you can find a gold helmet in the main building. Both locations have an Evo shield available, a purple backpack, a purple and blue body shield, and plenty of weapons.

Labs and Swamp

On the edge of the map to the east, you can land anywhere in the labs and swamp location to find a variety of items you can use. There’s an Evo shield in the east-most swamp house, several gold backpacks in the labs, and decent weapons and scopes. However, there are few body shields here, so if you need to grab the best items from here and then head to the north or south to grab additional protections.

West of Hydro Dam

If you can land immediately west of the hydro dam, inside that small rock area, you can find a gold body shield, and then there’s a purple one to the north. Grabbing both of these early can secure your squad’s advantage against other teams. However, you need to choose where to go from here. The best decision would be to go to the south to the west side of the repulsor. There are a lot of weapons and useful attachments you can grab. For those wanting a safer game, there’s the option of going to the north toward the cage, depending on the flight path and where other squads drop.


Another risky choice you and your squad can make is landing right in the market. Much like the other locations, you have access to plenty of weapons and protections. However, it’s a popular location. You can expect to land here and need to grab the nearest gun because of how many other squads are around you. If you and your team can survive, you might be able to grab the Evo shields nearby, the blue body armor, and smaller attachments. This location is great because if you can grab an Evo shield early and fight nearby squads, you can quickly build up its protections and have them for the rest of the game. They’re a considerable risk, though.