Best Electric-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Charge your batteries for these Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

There are numerous Electric-type Pokémon for you to pick from in Pokémon Go. If you’re a Pikachu fan, there are easily at least a dozen different appearances of this Pokémon in the game, but it’s certainly nowhere near the best one you catch. Many of them will be hidden away in five-star raids as legendary Pokémon, and a few others you’ll have to capture during specific events or try to hatch eggs. While there are so many Electric-type Pokémon you can find, these are some of the best and toughest Pokémon you can use in the mobile game.

Alolan Golem

Alolan Golem is an interested Electric-type. Not only is it Electric, it’s also a Rock-type, giving it the strength to take out Flying-type Pokémon as if they were nothing, and having access to Rock-type attacks. It’s a strong duality, and it’s why several trainers use Alolan Golem in both the Ultra and Master Leagues. You have to be careful with it in both arenas because it is extremely weak to Ground-type Pokémon and moves. Most trainers have some type of Ground-type Pokémon in their arsenal, so if you have a Pokémon who can protect against those, using Alolan Golem is typically a good idea.

  • Maximum CP (PvP / PvE): 2,949 / 3,334
  • Attack: 178 / 211
  • Defense: 168 / 198
  • Stamina: 162 / 190


Ampharos has become more useful to players with the recent addition of its mega evolution, Mega Ampharos. While the form doesn’t last forever, it’s still useful to have at your disposal whenever you need a small boost for your team during a raid. Ampharos is considerable useful in the Ultra League, and if you can swing it, you might be able to build a team with it in the Master League. Both are viable options.

  • Maximum CP (PvP / PvE): 2,852 / 3,225
  • Attack: 178 / 211
  • Defense: 145 / 169
  • Stamina: 175 / 207


For Electivire, it wasn’t quite good in its base form. It needed a small push. The stats for the Pokémon were fine, but it needed a little more flavor in its moveset. For its Community Day back in November, it received that push, and learned how to use the move ice punch. With it, Electivire went up a few ranks, and more players started to use it more in both the Ultra and Master League. We recommend it, especially with Water-type Pokémon becoming more of a common sight in the Ultra League.

  • Maximum CP (PvP / PvE): 3,079 / 3,481
  • Attack: 208 / 249
  • Defense: 140 / 163
  • Stamina: 154 / 181


You wouldn’t expect to see a Bug-type Pokémon being talked about by players for the Battle League. It was an okay Pokémon, but then the move volt switch was introduced, and Galvantula could learn it, increasing its usefulness to the near top of the Great League. It still couldn’t topple Galarian Stunfisk, but Galvantula is capable of fighting it out with some of the better choices, and there are several Water-type choices that players regularly use that it can takedown. With XL candy, it’s partially viable in the Ultra League.

  • Maximum CP (PvP / PvE): 2,206 / 2,494
  • Attack: 170 / 201
  • Defense: 113 / 128
  • Stamina: 147 / 172


A stronger staple that plenty of trainers are using in the Master League is Magnezone, and it’s pretty obvious why. It’s an Electric and Steel-type Pokémon, making it resistant to 12 of the 18 different types of attacks in Pokémon Go, meaning an opponent needs to have one of the three attacks that Magnezone is weak to, or have one it is not resistant against. It’s a difficult Pokémon to defeat because of how defensive it can be, and it comes with plenty of attacks available to it, making it a worthwhile Pokémon to have for the Battle League or to use in raids.

  • Maximum CP (PvP / PvE): 3,205 / 3,623
  • Attack: 199 / 238
  • Defense: 173 / 205
  • Stamina: 147 / 172


There are not too many Electric-type legendary Pokémon, but the ones that you can catch are pretty powerful. Raikou, for example, is superb Pokémon to have in the Battle League, and it’s useful to use in raids. It also has a shadow version, which we recommend using over the standard version. The shadow version of Raikou is slightly better, but not by enough to make a huge difference.

  • Maximum CP (PvP / PvE): 3,452 / 3,902
  • Attack: 202 / 241
  • Defense: 165 / 195
  • Stamina: 175 / 207

Thundurus (Therian)

Therian Thundurus was initially set to be an improved over the standard Incarnate Forme. It has a higher attacker power, with only two points less in defense, but it was an improvement nonetheless. However, that changed when its moveset released. Its moveset allowed Therian Forme Thundurus to rise through the ranks and become even stronger than Zekrom, one of the best Electric-type Pokémon in the game. We highly recommend Therian Forme Thundurus, and as of its release, it’s likely one of the most powerful Electric-type Pokémon in the game, outside of the mega Pokémon.

  • Maximum CP (PvP / PvE): 3,659 / 4,137
  • Attack: 244 / 295
  • Defense: 139 / 161
  • Stamina: 160 / 188


For the longest time, Zekrom was at the top of the food chain when it came to Electric-type Pokémon. Not only is it an Electric, but it’s a Dragon-type Pokémon, giving it access to Dragon-type moves. It has access to several powerful attacks, making it a fearsome foe, and it was only just barely overtaken by Therian Forme Thundurus. However, despite being overtaken, it’s still a strong Electric-type, and if you have one in your roster, you’d best be using it in the Master League. It’s hard to beat, and when it does return to the five-star raids, we highly recommend trainers prepare to catch it, and multiple versions of it, if they have the time.

  • Maximum CP (PvP / PvE): 4,038 / 4,565
  • Attack: 229 / 275
  • Defense: 178 / 211
  • Stamina: 173 / 205


Zapdos is a Pokémon you can use in the Ultra and Master League, but we highly recommend using it in the Master, if you have to pick between the two. It’s one of the first legendary bird Pokémon, and there’s also a shadow version of it. However, unlike other shadow Pokémon, we don’t recommend using that version of the regular one. Zapdos has plenty of attack power in its regular state, and increasing it, while lowering its defense, as a shadow Pokémon makes it easier to fight. It’s a regular Pokémon in the Master League, and we’ll always recommend trainers use it.

  • Maximum CP (PvP / PvE): 3,527 / 3,987
  • Attack: 211 / 253
  • Defense: 158 / 185
  • Stamina: 175 / 207