Top 5 Best Flyers in ARK: Survival Ascended

Soar the skies with the best ARK: Survival Ascended flyers currently available for players to tame and make use of.

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One of the things that makes ARK: Survival Ascended one of my favorite games is the ability to soar the skies on the back of your flyer of choice. You don’t just kill these flying beasts like in most other games; you also befriend them.

Choosing the right flyer in ARK: Survival Ascended is a critical decision to make or break your survival journey. It’s a choice you shouldn’t take lightly. It should align with your specific playstyle and needs. You wouldn’t pick the same flyer to recruit a dino army as to explore the entire Island map in one go. In this article, we’ll go over the best 5 Flyers in ARK: Survival Ascended and what they’re best for.

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The Best Flyers in ARK: Survival Ascended Guide

5) Rhyniognatha

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I’m giving the Rhyniognatha a place as the fifth-best flyer in ARK: Survival Ascended because of its unique characteristics and gameplay mechanics. These flying creatures are solid carriers and defensive dinos.

The main reason it’s at the bottom of the list is because it’s a pain to tame. But, once you’ve added one to the team, you’ll find they’ve got a couple of things to offer.

What truly sets the Rhyniognatha apart is its resin armor, providing protection and the ability to pick up and carry other creatures. This feature makes it an incredibly versatile mount, and it even boasts a secondary attack in the form of a resin projectile.

The combination of mobility, defensive capabilities, and utility in carrying other creatures cements the Rhyniognatha as the fifth-best flyer in ARK: Survival Ascended.

4) Tapejara

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The Tapejara is like a washed-down version of the Pteranodon but with more versatility. Its unique VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) maneuver sets it apart from other flyers and makes it easier to move across every map.

What makes the Tapejara a solid choice is its accessibility, as you can acquire one at a reasonably low level. With exceptional agility and the ability to latch onto walls, it’s handy for traversing challenging terrain.

Tapejaras also offers cooperative gameplay, as you can carry other players in the saddle, making them great for team activities.

If you’re seeking a versatile and agile flyer with unique abilities, the Tapejara is an excellent choice. It deserves a spot as the fourth-best flyer in ARK: Survival Ascended.

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3) Pteranodon

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Sure, the Pteranodon isn’t as mighty as the Quetzal or as versatile as the Argentavis. Still, it’s just agile and speedy enough. The Pteranodon offers a balanced package of speed, accessibility, and versatility, making it the third-best flyer choice for ARK: Survival Ascended players.

I managed to tame a Pteranodon in one of my first playthroughs without much effort, which makes me think anyone should be able to do it. It’s the perfect choice for your first flyer in ARK. These winged creatures are swift. Their speed is ideal for exploration and rapid map traversal, making them a top choice for early-game flyers.

The one issue with Pteranodons comes from their stamina. However, you can prioritize stat allocation to make sure you can stay airborne for longer. 

2) Quetzal

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The Quetzal, often dubbed the mobile base, is a close contender for the top spot as the best ARK: Survival Ascended flyer. While the Argentavis is versatile, the Quetzal excels at one fundamental aspect: it’s a mobile base. You can build on its platform saddle, which allows you to carry crafting stations, storage, and even other creatures. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to explore and gather resources while remaining mobile.

While taming a Quetzal is pretty intimidating, he’ll also help in the taming process. Using a Quetzal with a platform saddle and a cage-like structure, you can safely capture other dinos, including more Quetzals, in mid-air.

1) Argentavis

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The Argentavis reigns supreme as the best flyer in ARK: Survival Ascended. It excels in combat, transportation, taming assistance, and exploration. When I finally had the chance to capture one of these, there was no going back. I’ve come to rely on these magnificent creatures for their unparalleled versatility. 

Argentavis are great in combat and capable of taking on a wide range of threats. Their swooping attack is a devastating weapon against ground enemies, whether you’re defending your base or going on the offensive.

But they’re not just a combat flyer. Argentavis is also unmatched when it comes to transport and crafting. With their impressive weight capacity, they enable you to haul substantial loads of resources. Plus, their specialized saddle turns them into mobile crafting stations.

If none of that sold you on this creature, this definitely will: they can grab and carry smaller dinos. Taming other creatures becomes a breeze with Argentavis, too.