Best Gadgets, Upgrades, and Hacks in Watch Dogs: Legion

Invest wisely.

Watch Dogs: Legion

A lot of the gameplay challenges in Watch Dogs: Legion revolve around fancy gadgets, upgrades, and hacks that allow you to interact with the world in specific ways. Some of them are far more valuable than others. You will need Tech Points to buy and upgrade them, and this limited resource needs to be invested wisely as you cannot get it back after you spend it.

To help you make some smart choices, we are going to run throughout top picks for the best gadgets, upgrades, and hacks in the game.

Friendly neighborhood Spiderbot

The Spiderbot is the king of the gadgets. This little fella can crawl through vents to get to places you can’t reach and is also a fantastic way to get to hard to reach Tech Points so you can keep the upgrades flowing. Upgrade this guy all the way, as you will be using it a lot.

  1. Unlocks Infiltrator Spiderbot
  2. Double jump and sprint
  3. Unlocks a cloaking device

Deep Profiler

Arguably one of the best abilities in the game, this will make recruiting people to DeadSec much easier, even if they hate DeadSec. When you see an interesting target, just hold the middle mouse button and add them to your list of potential recruits. From there you will be able to learn all manner of interesting things about them.

Skin Mesh

Skin Mesh is expensive at 45 Tech Points, but it is worth it. Damage reduction to all your DeadSec agents is never a bad thing. Things will go wrong and you will get shot, so making it easier to survive is a good idea.

Pretty much all the hacks

Unsurprisingly, the hacks in a game about hacking are quite strong. Chase Drone, CT Drone, Riot Drone and Turret hacks are a must, and the higher you can upgrade them all, the better. These will buy you valuable time in missions, cut down on threats, and even allow you to turn them against your enemies.


For weapons, we would suggest focusing on the DeadSec pistol and the Grenade Launcher. Combined they will give you a silenced way to take out awkwardly placed enemies, and an effective weapon against everything in the game when you have no choice but to go loud. The Grenade Luancher is overkill for most enemies, but when you need it, you really need it.

AR Cloak and AR Shroud

The Cloak will hide you from enemies, while the Shroud will hide enemies that you have taken out. Both are invaluable options for stealth in the game.