Best Greedent build, moves, evolutions, and items in Pokémon Unite

Greedent’s most optimal build.

Image via Timi Studios

Greedent has been added to Pokémon Unite as part of the Halloween update. Although a surprise addition, Greedent brings a lot of unique attributes to the table. Despite being categorized as a defender, it packs a lot of damage. However, the Pokémon isn’t bulky and will die quickly if not used efficiently.

Moves and Gameplay

As a Skwovet at level 1, Greedent can learn Tackle or Defense Curl. It’s better to start with Tackle here as it is a damaging ability and will help you clear early camps. Regardless, you’ll be able to learn Defense Curl at level 3.

At level 5, Skwovet will evolve into Greedent, and you’ll be able to upgrade Defense Curl into Stuff Cheeks or Covet. While both moves boost your speed, the former either heals you or grants you a shield if your HP is at its maximum, whereas the latter enables the user to deal bonus damage and toss foe. There’s no clear better option, and it depends upon your play style and preference. However, Stuff Cheeks is easier to execute and will be helpful in more scenarios.

At level 7, you will be able to level up Tackle into Bullet Seed or Belch. Belch deals damage to opponents and slows them down, whereas Bullet Seed enables Greedent to spit berries in the targeted direction, which deals damage to foes. The damage dealt by Bullet Seed increases with the number of berries stored by Greedent before the attack. Additionally, it also reduces the speed of opponents that get hit by Bullet Seed. Overall, Bullet Seed is the recommended move as it provides more damage along with crowd control.

Greedent gets access to Berry Belly Flop (Unite move) at level 9. Upon usage, Greedent consumes a Berry to regain HP before leaping to the selected area and damaging opposing Pokémon in the area of effect. Additionally, the move will toss up all the opposing Pokémon caught in the area of effect. Greedent then consumes a special Berry, which allows it to store an unlimited number of Berries in its tail for a short period while also resetting the cooldown on all of its moves.

Recommended move set

  • Tackle (LVL 1)
  • Defense Curl (3)
  • Stuff Cheeks (LVL 5)
  • Bullet Seed (LVL 7)
  • Berry Belly Flop (LVL 9)

Recommended battle items

As a defender, Greedent synergizes well with Buddy Barrier. The item provides a shield to the user and nearby allies whenever Greedent uses its Unite move. Focus Band is another excellent item for Greedent as it allows the user to recover some HP whenever critically low. To get a damage boost on basic attacks, players can round off the build with Muscle Band.

As a defender, X Defense is usually the go-to Battle Item for Greedent. However, players can also take Eject or Potion.