Best Halloween costume designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Get ready to look freaky and fabulous.

Halloween Collection

One of the greatest parts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the community, and that couldn’t be truer than when it comes to custom outfit designs. So many players put heart and spirit into designs to share with the community.

October is a great time for new designs if you love fall, Halloween and all things spooky! But while they’re made for the Halloween season, these designs can bring a dash of fright to your island or wardrobe year-round. Check out 10 of the best Halloween outfits, face paints, and object designs from the Halloween season.

Spectral Sweaters & Frightening Frocks

Spectral Sweaters and Frightening Frocks
Image via maddieofbeebalm

While all of these looks are creepy cute, we are absolutely in love with the Cheshire cat sweater and the skeleton sweater. This whole collaborative collection is a great balance of scary and adorable.

Halloween Collection

Halloween Collection
Image via moonbellcottage

This collection is a perfect blend of fall aesthetic and Halloween themes. A perfect autumnal wardrobe donned with pumpkins, ghosts, and bats.

First Collection

First Collection
Image via nookssugar

This collection was made entirely by a single user who had never made a collection before! These spooky looks were definitely a stunning breakout for this designer!

Halloween Design Line

Halloween Design Line
Image via maggiecrossings

These sweaters and tops are perfect looks if you want a bright and cartoony Halloween style. That ghost and candy corn are both so adorable, it’s tough to not want to just wear them all.

Cute Halloween

Cute Halloween
Image via miibeatrice

There is a great mix of themes, and a slick muted aesthetic with these Halloween looks. We especially love the cat-themed outfits here.

Haunted House Dress

Haunted House Dress
Image via ahnahleesa

This may just be a single dress look, but the creator carefully recreated all of the color schemes for the Halloween outfits at the Able Sisters shop. Match the dress with the horns or cat ears for a full look!

Autumn & Halloween Cheeks

Autumn and Halloween cheeks
Image via marimomush

Get cheeky with these face paint designs—candy, candy corn, patches, and leaves, perfect for finishing off a fall or Halloween look.

Spooky Season Face Designs

Spooky Season face designs
Image via starsforceleste

These face paint designs come with both cheek designs and eyebrows. Our favorite spooky design is black cats, and our favorite fantasy design is twinkle!

Candy Bowl & more

Candy Bowl and more
Image via ac_islanddesign

These designs are for decorating! There is a candy bowl, Halloween themed chalk writing, spooky brick paths and a wall panel design that will send shivers down your spine. Be sure to click the link.

Pumpkin Sign & more

Pumpkin Sign and; more
Image via ac_islanddesign

This selection is a mix and match that gives us a wall design, a floor design, a store or garden sign, and one more face paint design. Perfect for those spooky finishing touches.