Best Heroes to Buy in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Which ones are must haves?

Image via Moonton

Picking out the ideal hero to fit your playstyle and role in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be a little difficult. You have to balance what role you want to play, and then pick someone who fits your preferred specialty. With over 100 heroes to choose from, picking who you want to purchase can be a little daunting. We’ve narrowed down your choices and picked some of the best options that you need to add to your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang line up.

Typically, there are a handful of free heroes you can try that rotate every week. If there’s a hero you like playing that’s free, try to get in as much time with them before they leave the rotation, and you have to purchase them using battle points, exclusive tickets, hero fragments, or the game’s premium currency, diamonds.


Karrie is a marksman who excels in the gold lane. She’s capable of targeting a single enemy and steadily bringing them using her passive ability that stacks by hitting a target over and over again. Her abilities make her an extremely mobile hero, making it easy to escape and chase enemies. You need to lean into her basic attacks and stack attack speed items, along with lifesteal and power.


Bruno is another marksman who you also want in the gold lane. He’s not a difficult hero to play, but if you build him correctly, leaning into attack speed, lifesteal, and critical chance, you’ll be able to take out nearly every hero who tries to battle you. You’re even a handful for multiple enemies at the same time. Bruno’s passive leans into critical attacks, and his abilities make it easy to chase and box with other enemy heroes in a lane.


Pharsa, a mage, is a much more difficult hero to play as, and you want to keep her in the mid lane. She primarily operates as a hero who focuses on bursting down and enemy and poking them from a distance. Because of how her passive works, you have to be a bit patient about when to charge at an enemy. If you time her basic attack correctly, you can land a powerful blow and then following it up with her abilities, quickly destroying them to level up in a lane. She takes quite a bit of practice, though, but when you master her, you’ll be capable of dominating nearly anyone you lane against. You want to primarily build cooldown reduction, mana, and magical penetration to get the most out of her abilities.


The next mage we’re going to recommend you pick out is Zhask, a slightly more durable fighter. He’s a unique choice because his first ability allows him to summon a turret that will damage any enemies and minions that get too close. You want to strategically place these in the lane to cause the most damage, but they are not easy to take out by enemy gods. If he does, he and the turret both explode, dealing damage to anyone around him, so if a close-quarters hero fights him, they have to weigh the odds they’ll survive this destructive blast. You want to build magical power and a defensive item or two on him when playing. He’s certainly not a tank, but he can be a good hybrid character for you to play.


Rather than going into any of the lanes, you want to play Natalia as a jungler. She’ll be weaving through the hidden locations, taking out jungle camps and optimizing on these positions to gain experience points. If you see an opportunity, rush into any given lane and assist an ally to take out an enemy hero, and then return to the shadows to continue your grind. She’s an assassin, and she has a lot of chase potential. When enemy heroes run away from her, she deals additional damage to them. Her first ability is a blink that allows her to chase, and her second ability allows her to slow them down while they’re running away. While not difficult to play, learning how to jungle can take quite a bit of time, and plenty of practice. But if you’re keen on trying out the role, she’s a great hero to do it on.


Next we have Ling, another assassin who is vastly more difficult. He has plenty of chase plenty, similar to Natalia, but his abilities make him a challenging hero to master. His passive increases the chance of him to land a critical attack, but his critical damage is heavily reduced. Both of his skills are blinks that allow him to chase the enemy, and he lands a critical attack with his second one, Defiant Sword, the target is slowed, and his basic attacks restore his health every time they hit. Because of his unique abilities and skill set, you have to be careful when mastering, but he’s an excellent choice that requires plenty of experience to properly handle.


Silvanna is proficient as a fighter when she’s able to get in close, attack an enemy over and over again, and focus on a single target. Her passive allows her to lower an enemy hero’s defenses, and after hitting them enough times with her basic attack, she can deal a large amount of damage with a single attack. Her abilities make her even more annoying because she can keep up with them using a blink, and she has a shield for her second one. If she’s ever in trouble, her shield protects her from damage that can take quite a bit of damage, allowing you to be risky with her. You’ll be playing her in the side lane, and she’s probably going to be fighting multiple targets.


Freya, another fighter who goes in the side lane, is a damaging specialist who is all about increasing her attack speed and augmenting her two skills. By enhancing these skills during a fight, she alters how they work, dealing even more damage and chasing after enemies as they’re both blinks. The big focus early on is to stack attack speed with her. How you choose to build her is up to you. Many players typically make her a hybrid fighter with attack speed, damage, and defensive items. Still, others have been known to lean into her basic attacks and give her critical chance items. It’s up to you, but her diversity makes her an ideal flexible hero choice if your team needs more damage or the potential for another defending hero.


For those seeking to act as the team’s frontline defensive tank, Lolita is an excellent choice. She’s a durable fighter who primarily functions as a wandering support class, helping nay lane that she sees is struggling. When she’s not fighting, she gains a shield, and it lasts for 20 seconds. An ally that is nearby her also gains that shield, making her extremely useful to wait for the enemy to attack, and then charge forward, which also plays into her abilities where she meets the enemy head-on. She’s a powerful tank that can absorb heaps of damage before taking damage, and if you build enough defensive items, you’ll be able to act as a counter to any enemy attack.


Grock is another tank that you’ll be roaming around the map with. His passive has him playing closer to the sides of the map and turrets, where his movement speed, physical and magical defensive, and health regeneration is increased. Even though he plays closer to the defensive side, his abilities allow him to initiate a fight against the enemy team, dictating when a fight happens and who’s involved. His ultimate is a blink ability where he charge forward, pushing enemies back, and deals damage to a wall or turret he hits while in his form. Overall, if you’re looking for someone to play that helps as the team’s frontline, and your damage dealers need an opening, Grock is a perfect choice.


A more adorable choice, but no less effective, is Diggie. When he dies, he becomes his egg form and respawns wherever you can place him. Enemies cannot target Diggie while in his form. While Diggie is a roaming support hero, he’s capable of becoming a huge problem for the enemies, pulling them back into a fight or dealing damage for a safe distance. He doesn’t have the best durability, so you want to remain in the back, but you can deal some decent damage and help your teammates get kills. If you place his alarm clock bombs correctly and use his pull right, you can surprise enemies who thought they were safe.


The final recommended hero we have on our list is Estes, a support hero who will be roaming around the map. Estes’ primary basic attack can stack on them, and when it reaches its maximum, it can ricochet off enemies to slow them for a few seconds. His first ability heals a target, making him a good option to assist a lane that’s struggling and provide additional health to the hero fighting there. It serves as a link, increasing his physical attack and his passive charge. His ultimate is also a heal, and a heal over time, making him great to push against or hold back a counterattack in a single lane. If you want someone to keep your team alive, Estes excels in this role.