Best male wrestlers in WWE 2K22

Your next WWE or Universal Champion.

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The WWE is where several of the best male wrestlers in the world call home. This year’s edition further breaks up their roster into four different categories, giving you someone great to play with regardless of the style of wrestler you want to choose. But which wrestlers from this massive roster are actually the best? We’ve broken it down for you below.

High Flyers

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AJ Styles headline this group of acrobatic Superstars. The Phenomenal One comes in at 91 OVR this year. Just behind him at 90 OVR are both Eddie Guerrero and the cover boy Rey Mysterio. Rounding out the group is Macho Man Randy Savage, hitting the mat at 88 OVR.

It’s not the deepest group in this year’s edition, but the top end isn’t too bad. We should also note that, if you purchased the NWO 4 Life edition, you’ll also have access to Syxx, who comes in at 88 OVR.


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Not only does the Powerhouse group have the highest-rated wrestler, but it’s also the deepest position at the top. There are 10 wrestlers in this category that are 90 OVR or higher. Roman Reigns lead the group at 95 OVR. Just behind him are Brock Lesnar (94 OVR), The Rock (93 OVR), and John Cena (92 OVR).

A quartet of Powerhouse wrestlers has a 91 OVR rating this year. Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntrye, Hulk Hogan, and Triple H all equal the highest-overall High Flyer. It’s quite the group that doesn’t even include high-ranking wrestlers like Braun Strowman, Kane, and Andre the Giant.


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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin tops the list of Strikers at 92 OVR. Both Seth Rollins and Edge come in just behind him at 91 OVR. Meanwhile, Kofi Kingston and Booker T are 88 OVR this year.

The interesting case here is The Undertaker. If you only go off the base version that comes with the standard edition, he’s 90 OVR. However, if you have The Undertaker’s pack, his highest rating is 93 OVR with the ’98 version of his iconic character.


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Like the High Flyer category, Technician is relatively light in terms of top talent. Bret “The Hitman” Hart takes top billing at 91 OVR. “The Demon” Finn Balor comes in at 90 OVR. The normal version of Balor is only 87, so make sure you’re using his demonic version.

King Nakamura and Ric Flair ’88 are both 88 OVR, which isn’t incredible, but certainly isn’t anything to sneeze at. As we said, both Technicians and High Flyers are lacking in top-end talent. You can still get by with them if you’d like, but Powerhouse or Striker is where the top-end talent lives this year.