The 10 best Minecraft simple texture packs

Bring a simple change to your world with these texture packs for Minecraft.

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Image Credits: Minecraft

Sometimes, you don’t need or want a significant change to your game. You just want to bring something new to the experience, something subtle, that freshens things up without making fundamental changes.

A simple texture pack in Minecraft can go a long way towards making the experience feel freshened up while still maintaining that core experience that you love. They work to just change a few things to make it all feel a little different and new.

Cartoon Default

Image via 9minecraft

This pack will give Minecraft a very cool cel-shaded look to its graphics, such as those you would see in Borderlands. It doesn’t fundamentally change the gameplay but gives it a cool style.

Chroma Hills

Image via ResourcePack

This is a gorgeous texture pack that adds a ton of detail to Minecraft. And with the shaders available in the game, you can really up the ante and look at just about everything.

Creative One’s Medieval Texture Pack

Image via 9minecraft

This pack will bring some nice touches to the way your game looks, adding some much-appreciated detail to mundane objects, such as the woven texture of wool blocks.

Crypt’s Better Tools

Image via PlanetMinecraft

It’s in line with this article’s title as this pack just makes everything feel much cleaner, bringing a very nice sheen to it all.

Glimmar’s Steampunk

Image via ResourceCraft

This pack will give Minecraft a much darker look, with its pale, green lighting and overall steampunk vibe. It comes with some excellent tools and skins to accompany it as well.


Image via MinecraftTexturePacks

Isabella will give your game a softer look to it, with subtle shadows and accents and much more muted colors to everything.


Image via 9minecraft

This pack has been popular for a long time, and it is largely due to its customization options and the big improvement it brings to surfaces in the game.


Image via PlanetMinecraft

While not a huge change, this pack is meant to brighten the game up and make the game world feel a little happier; just look at the swirling sun in the sky. Plus, there are a ton of customization options included.

Painterly Pack

Image via ResourcePack

This pack is aiming to simply change and improve the overall quality of the game’s graphics. It’s small but noticeable when you install it.


Image via ResourcePack

Another pack that brightens and livens everything up in the game. It causes colors to really shine and make things just pop much more than normal. If you want to have a more joyful feeling to the game, this is the pack.