Minecraft: Top 5 Best Taiga Biome Seeds in MC

Which seeds to use if you love spruce and a little snow.

Screengrab via Minecraft Java

Finding the perfect place to build in Minecraft can be frustrating. Especially when looking for a taiga biome, which can be rare. But don’t worry, we have a the best taiga biome seeds for you. If you want to have a world that’s only taiga, you can customize it in the world settings. Here are the best taiga biome seeds in Minecraft.


Screengrab via Minecraft Java

This seed doesn’t spawn you in the Taiga biome, but it isn’t too far away. The biome is 1000 blocks from the spawn, and you can get there by crossing an ocean and a forest. The biome is right next to a large birch forest and has a small village in the center of it.


Screengrab via Minecraft

Seeds like this one are rare. You spawn in a massive mega taiga biome that extends over 1000 blocks in every direction from spawn. A small village straddles the taiga and the ocean on the northern edge of the biome. This world will require a lot of exploration for you to get out of the taiga and find other resources.

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Screengrab via Minecraft

This seed doesn’t start you in the taiga biome, but there is one close by. You start in a plains biome and with a small trail of spruce that will lead you to the Tiaga. There are two villages in the taiga and the nearby birch forest biome. The taiga is great for a base and has a plains and birch biome nearby that will give you plenty of other resources. There is also a series of snowy mountains you will need to cross to get to it. The mountains have plenty of flat surfaces for farms or creating large mining projects.


Screengrab via Minecraft

This seed spawns you right outside a village in a huge taiga biome. If you turn around and walk for a little under 1000 blocks, you will hit a pillager tower on the edge of the taiga and a birch forest. Many other useful biomes surround the taiga, including a dark oak forest, a birch forest, a mountain range, and a swamp.


Screengrab via Minecraft

The seed spawns you on an island in the middle of a tropical ocean. There are two continents nearby, but you should check the small desert island close to spawn for a shipwreck first and grab some useful resources. The nearest continent starts with a plains biome that runs into a flower forest with a sprawling taiga just beyond it. The second continent is much smaller and has a mountain, dark oak, and birch forest to play in. There are also some glaciers nearby that are perfect for harvesting ice for ice-boat tracks. This is the most interesting seed on this list and has a little bit of everything, depending on your tastes.