Best movest for Sceptile in Pokémon Go

What are the best moves?

Image via Niantic

When picking an ideal Pokémon to use in Pokémon Go’s PvP, you have a lot of choices to pick from. Another problem might be you’re limited because of how many Pokémon you can, and cannot, encounter. Those looking for a decent Grass-type Pokémon to add to their collection may want to consider capturing Sceptile. It’s a solid Grass-type Pokémon, and while there are better choices, it’s still a decent choice, and it does have a best moveset so you can optimize your chances with it.

Sceptile is a Grass-type Pokémon. It’s weak to Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison-type Pokémon, but it’s resistant to Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water-type moves. It has a maximum CP of 2,757, an attack of 188, a defense of 145, and a stamina of 147. Because of its lower defense and stamina stats, you don’t want this Pokémon to be the first one in your roster when battling an opponent.

These are all of the moves Sceptile can learn.

Fast moves

  • Bullet Seed (Grass-type) – 5 damage and 4.3 energy per turn (1.6 damage per turn)
  • Fury Cutter (Bug-type) – 2 damage and 4 energy per turn (2 damage per turn)

Charge moves

  • Aerial Ace (Flying-type) – 55 damage and 45 energy
  • Dragon Claw (Dragon-type) – 50 damage and 35 energy
  • Earthquake (Ground-type) – 120 damage and 65 energy
  • Frenzy Plant (Grass-type) – 100 damage and 45 energy
  • Leaf Blade (Grass-type) – 70 damage and 35 energy

Sceptile has several choices for its charge moves, but it doesn’t have such a variety when it comes to its fast one. Of the two options, you’re better off using bullet seed. Not only does it do more damage, but it’ll provide more energy for Sceptile throughout the battle, which is great because it needs to use its charge moves often.

While it has a few interesting options for its charge move, such as aerial ace and dragon claw, these options fall short. They do decent damage, and are lost cost moves, but you’re better off scraping them. That leaves you with earthquake, frenzy plant, and leaf blade. Of the three options, you want to make sure your Sceptile knows earthquake. It’s a powerful attack, and while it is the highest energy value, the damage is worth it, especially when battling anything with a Ground-type weaknesses.

Your big decision comes down to frenzy plant and leaf blade. Frenzy plant has the highest damage, but it costs 10 more energy, and leaf blade is less damage, but costs 35 energy, meaning you can use it more frequently. What it boils down to is if you catch a Sceptile on its Community Day or not. Both of these options are great choices, and they don’t modifier Sceptile’s base win output. If you capture a Sceptile with leaf blade, great, and if you have one from a Community Day event that knows frenzy plant, you don’t have to change it.

Sceptile will not be the most powerful Pokémon you use in the Great or Ultra League. It’s a good choice, and if you pair it with the correct Pokémon, it can take out specific Pokémon, and make sure not to have it as the first Pokémon. It won’t last long. The best moveset it can use in PvP will be bullet seed for its fast move, and then earthquake and frenzy plant or leaf blade for its charge moves.