Best Nurse build in Dead by Daylight

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Image via Behaviour Interactive

Ever since her inclusion in the first DLC release for Dead by Daylight, The Nurse has proven to be one of the strongest Killers in the right hands. Her standout power is her ability to blink through obstacles and teleport herself closer to survivors. If you are looking to get better with The Nurse, here is the best build to allow you to get the most out of using her.


There are not any particular add-ons for The Nurse that we would say are absolute musts, so use whatever you like. Any that help make her Blink better, like Wooden Horse, Kavanagh’s Last Breath, Catatonic Boy’s Treasure, and Heavy Panting, are recommended.


After leveling up The Nurse to have access to four perks, these are the ones we would recommend giving to her:

Barbecue & Chilli

Barbecue & Chilli is one of the best perks for Killers in the game, so it makes sense that it would be a great one to include for The Nurse. You will need to unlock it from The Cannibal, but once you do, you will see the auras of all Survivors who are more than 40 meters away from someone you just put on a hook. The Nurse is best at tracking down Survivors, so knowing whether they are far or close to the hook is a great start. As a bonus, you will get bonus Bloodpoints for every Survivor you put on a hook at least once.

Infectious Fright

Infectious Fright is a teachable perk that you will need to get from The Plague, but once you do, anytime a Survivor is knocked on the ground, you will see where any Survivors within your terror radius are. Again, a perfect perk for tracking down people hiding from you. You can put one Survivor into the Dying State, quickly turn around, and potentially put another down.


Shadowborn increases your field of view so that you can see more around you. The difference is striking once you see it, so use this to get a better lay of the land and see anyone trying to be sneaky while in your cone of vision. This perk needs to be unlocked from The Wraith.


Whispers is a really simple perk. Whenever a Survivor is nearby, you will hear The Entity whispering to you. Be sure to look out for any markings from someone running nearby when you hear this.

With this build in tow, you should be ready to take on the Survivors as The Nurse in Dead by Daylight.