10 Best Offensive Items In Risk of Rain Returns

Equip these offensive items in Risk of Rain Returns and reign destruction on enemies!

offensive items - Risk of Rain Returns

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Surviving in Risk of Rain Returns becomes impossible as difficulty scales and stronger enemy types and bosses start to appear and hunt you down. You will need to equip some of the best offensive items in the game to keep clearing stages and continue looping. Weaker items will only weigh you down and get you killed in the long run.

Knowing which items to get is half battle won! Sure, most of the chests give you RNG items, but this changes if you have Artifact of Command. But even if you do not have this, eyeing for items listed in this guide will get you to deal solid damage and melt enemies and bosses while running solo or with a buddy.

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10. Warbanner

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Warbanner is an all-arounder item that applies various buffs to your character and allies. The effectiveness of this item, of course, shines the best when playing with other players as compared to solo runs in Risk of Rain Returns.

Essentially, Warbanner increases attack speed and movement speed by 30% and damage by 4 points. This is not just an attack or the best offensive item in Risk of Rain Returns but also a defensive one because it heals for one percent of your health each second.

The only downside of Warbanner is it gets activated automatically on two events: when your character levels up or when you activate a Teleporter.

9. Crowbar

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Crowbar is one of the best attack items in the game to strike enemies with a health of more than 80 percent. This item deals 50 percent damage, and each stack of Crowbar increases the overall damage to 30 percent.

Stacking multiple Crowbar items in Risk of Rain Returns could potentially turn your character into a killing machine. The effectiveness of this item is better suited for characters that have slow attacks but pack a punch, like Bandits Shotgun.

8. Lens Maker’s Glasses

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Critical strikes in Risk of Rain Returns deal double damage to the actual base damage. It is always wise to get items that significantly increase the chance of crit attacks every now and then. This is especially effective if you play the game on Monsoon difficulty.

Lens Maker’s Glasses is one such top-tier offensive item in Risk of Rain Returns that offers a ten percent chance to land a critical strike. The best part of stacking this item is that you get to increase crit chances by seven percent per stack.

Characters that have rapid attacks can benefit the most from Lens Maker’s Glasses as you have a high chance a random attack lands as a critical strike, dealing double damage.

7. Soldier’s Syringe

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While most players aim to get items that enhance damage or land crit strikes, increasing the attack speed is another best offensive strategy in Risk of Rain Returns. The quick attack animation basically just kills enemies faster. Survivors like Loader, who has a slow but powerful attack, will get the most advantage from items like Soldier’s Syringe.

Equipping Soldier’s Syringe increases the attack speed of your character by 12 percent, and each stack of this item further enhances this speed by 12 percent.

6. Tesla Coil

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Tesla Coil is one of the best offensive legendary items in Risk of Rain Returns. Equipping this item shocks enemies near your character and deals 120 percent damage to each target. While a single item does so much damage, stacking multiples of Tesla Coil intensifies the damage by 60 percent.

5. Happiest Mask

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Doing solo runs gets intense when the difficulty scale to “I’M COMING FOR YOU” and ” HAHAHAHA.” In situations like this, you really wish you had a coop buddy to kill enemies off, provide support, or any other utility advantage in killing enemies. If situations get out of hand, try getting Happiest Mask and spawn ghosts that help you in defeating the crowd.

Happiest Mask is the best offensive item in Risk of Rain Returns for players who fly solo. Every time you kill an enemy, its ghost spawns and attacks enemies. This effect lasts 15 seconds, and each ghost comes with 100 percent health and deals 70 percent damage scaling with your character.

We have found Happiest Mask to be incredibly useful while playing on Monsoon difficulty or when you loop 20 or more stages during your runs.

4. The Ol’ Lopper

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Using Crowbar in tandem with The Ol’ Lopper is the best offensive item combination in Risk of Rain Returns. The prior item deals enhanced damage to targets with 80 percent health or above, and the latter deals more damage to enemies with lower health.

Each of your character’s attacks deals 60 percent more damage to enemies that have lower health if you have The Ol’ Lopper item. You can potentially double this damage if you stack more of this item and finish off enemies at a much faster rate.

3. Ukulele

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If you are coming to Risk of Rain Returns after playing Risk of Rain 2, then you will immediately fall in love with the Ukulele item. This item fires chain lightning attacks for 66 percent damage at three targets. There is a 20 percent chance that the Ukelele effect triggers, and this does not increase with stacking. However, you can always stack the damage of lightning.

2. Umbrella

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Umbrella is our second-best offensive item in Risk of Rain Returns, as it gets triggered automatically and offers an attack advantage for your character. This item starts raining and grants the survivor invincibility for 15 seconds. The rain damages, stuns, and weakens the enemies caught in it.

You can not increase the effects, but the longevity of the Umbrella items stays activated after you have interacted with the Teleporter.

1. Brilliant Behemoth

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Equipping Brilliant Behemoth makes your attacks go KABOOM, and a 20 percent damage bonus is applied to each and every attack you land on target. The explosion deals with an AoE effect that further damages enemies that are close to each other.

The best part of Brilliant Behemoth is you can scale its base damage to 20 percent per stack, turning each move into an exploding wave of attacks.

That is pretty much everything you should know about the list of the best offensive items in Risk of Rain Returns. Before you jump onto another amazing read, I recommend checking out how to unlock Robomando in Risk of Rain Returns, how to get a Gold Rank for Scavenger Hunt Trial, and how to find Pre Alpha guides.