Best Pokémon team builders

Build your perfect Pokémon team.

Image via Game Freak

It can take you a little bit of time to figure out what Pokémon team you want to make whenever you’re playing a Pokémon game. For some, you pick the choices you encounter along the way, figuring out the choices as you find them. Some other Pokémon players prefer to plan it all out at the beginning before they embark on their epic journey. If you want to plan out what Pokémon team you want to use in any Pokémon game, we recommend these team builders that you can use for nearly any Pokémon game.

Pokémon Team Planner

If you want to try building a team of Pokémon from generation two or four, the Pokémon Team Planner website lets you narrow down your search to exact choices. You can build a team of four Pokémon and then narrow the search results to only include Pokémon resistant to Dragon and Fairy-attacks to fill in your team’s weaknesses. The website’s format is slick, the icons of all the Pokémon are pretty, and it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. The best part is how easy it is for any Pokémon player to use it.


The Pikalytics website is very slick, easy to use, and you can build your team from any Pokémon game you want to play. You can also narrow down your search to a precise tournament time for a Pokémon game if you want to follow a certain series of rules for the team you’re using. When you’ve finished building your team, there are several tools and ways for you to share your team with others who want to check it out. It’s one of the nicer websites we’ve seen whenever we wanted to figure out the best Pokémon team to use in a Pokémon game.

Pokémon Showdown

The Pokémon Showdown website has many advertisements on the right portion of the screen, and that can feel pretty obnoxious when you’re trying to build your team. However, if you can look past it, Pokémon Showdown allows you to build a team from any previous generation, following the format of metas and tournament rules from numerous Pokémon competitions. There are a few choices to make it easy for you to figure out how to build a simple team from an older Pokémon game. There’s a lot to enjoy about this website, and you can test out any pre-built team against real players on the website.

PvPoke – Pokémon Go

PvPpoke is a Pokémon team-building website specifically for Pokémon Go and its PvP portion. If you do not play or plan to build a team in Pokémon Go, we recommend you use one of the other lists here. All of the stats, combinations, and Pokémon are featured in Pokémon Go, and it all works a little bit differently. For those who frequently participate in the Pokémon Go Battle League competitions, you can pick the best Pokémon for your team for the Great, Ultra, and Master League. The website is updated regularly enough to account for any new move when a new Pokémon arrives and whenever a special cup is introduced to the PvP portion before it arrives. We highly recommend this website.

Marriland Team Builder

The Marriland Pokémon Team Builder is another decent website. The downside is the advertisements at the top of it can be a bit frustrating. You also have to know the names of the Pokémon you want to add to your team unless you want to dig in a bit to the website itself to find the national Pokédex or the Sword and Shield one. It doesn’t appear to feature any Pokédex choices from the other regions and their stats. Suppose you’re planning to build your team in Pokémon Sword and Shield, great. You can also do it with other Pokémon from other games, but you may have to look up if they were featured in that game or not.