The best cc hair packs in The Sims 4

Create a fashionable Sim with these custom hair packs.

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Installing custom content into The Sims 4 is a great way to breathe new life into the game. And if the default character customization is getting stale for you, hairstyle packs are a great way to spice up your character’s looks. This guide will show you the best hair packs for The Sims 4. After installing these mods, all you need to do is head over to a wardrobe or dresser and choose Plan Outfit to select a custom hairstyle.


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Anto is another hairstyle for male Sims. It is a uniquely messy hairstyle that isn’t found anywhere else in the game. Many players complain the male hairstyles are boring compared to those in The Sims 3, and this pack aims to fix that. With over 18 colors, a working shadow map, and compatibility with hats, this pack is perfect for anyone looking to make a fashionable male Sim.

Nicholas Hairstyle

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The Nicholas Hairstyle pack is a fashionable male hairstyle available on all male Sims from teen to elder. It comes in over 17 colors and is completely compatible with hats. This pack also uniquely comes with a custom thumbnail and an icon on the character creation screen.

Ominous Hair

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This Ominous Hair pack goes great with a modern wardrobe. It’s a fashionable female hairstyle that comes in 21 colors. It’s expertly colored and doesn’t look out of place in The Sims 4. This pack is great for a date night or even a stroll through the park.


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Parallel is a female hair pack that is currently in style all around the world. Created by Maargareth, this hairstyle shows off two beautiful braids in over a dozen various colors. Surprisingly enough, it’s also compatible with hats, making it a great hairstyle to pair up with a sun hat for a day on the beach.

Rise toddler

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The Rise hair pack is a toddler-only hairstyle. This is for players who want to have a more fashionable toddler and push the boundaries of the game’s toddler hair customization. It comes in 18 different colors and features high-quality textures. The pack also comes with a custom shadow pack for the hair.