Best Spring crops in Stardew Valley

Make hoards of gold with these Spring crops.

Image via Chucklefish.

Spring is the season every player begins their journey in Stardew Valley. In your first year on your grandfather’s old farm, you will be struggling to amass the hoards of gold you desire. But when Spring comes again to mark your second year, you can start making some serious profits. The best way to make gold during the Spring is by harvesting as many crops as you can. This list will highlight the best Spring crops in Stardew Valley.


Cauliflower is a single harvest crop that is purchased from the General Store. It will take 12 days for this crop to be ready for harvest. This means you can expect two harvests per season. Each Cauliflower sells for 175g, making it one of the more lucrative crops. What makes Cauliflower incredibly unique is its chance to grow into a giant crop. These giant crops will drop about 20 Cauliflower when harvested. If you get lucky enough to get a few giant crops on your farm, you will make more gold than you know what to do with.


Rhubarb will net you the most gold per day out of any of the single harvest crops. To obtain Rhubarb seeds, go to the Oasis store in The Desert and purchase them from Sandy. Each seed bag costs 100g, but Rhubarb sells for a whopping 220g once harvested. Each Rhubarb planted will make you nine gold per day and will take 13 days to fully mature. Rhubarb seeds are easy to acquire if you have the money and are a great well-rounded crop for the Spring season.

Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean is unique in its ability to be grown in both Spring and Summer. This means you can continue harvesting your Coffee Bean well into Summer. To purchase Coffee Beans, you will need to keep an eye out for the Traveling Cart. Each time the Traveling Cart visits your town, it has a 25% chance of having Coffee Beans in stock. What makes the Coffee Bean crops so lucrative is each plant drops four Coffee Beans when harvested. You can then use a Keg to turn these beans into Coffee that sells for 150g each.