Best Sylveon build, moves, evolutions, and items in Pokémon Unite

Sylveon is now available in Pokémon Unite.

Image via TiMi Studios

Sylveon is the latest Pokémon joining the Pokémon Unite roster. The first Eeveelution in the game is a Ranged Attacker that is well suited for the Jungle role. Although squishy, Sylveon packs a lot of damage and is capable of healing itself.

Moves and Gameplay

Sylveon starts as an Eevee and has access to Swift/Baby-Doll Eyes in the early game. Swift is a basic ranged attack, while Baby-Doll Eyes reduces the target’s attack and movement speed for a short duration along with dealing damage. It’s better to start the game with Swift as it’s easier to spam and execute. Regardless, you’ll learn the other move when you reach level 2.

Eevee evolves into Sylveon at level 4, which is relatively early compared to other Pokémon. Upon evolving, players can upgrade Swift into Hyper Voice or Mystical Fire. Hyper Voice allows Sylveon to launch a barrage of sound waves that deals damage upon hitting the target. Additionally, the damage dealt by the waves increases with the distance they travel. On the other hand, Mystical Fire creates flames around Sylveon that shoot towards nearby enemies, dealing damage and reducing the Sp. Atk of affected targets. The move can dishing out insane damage, but the flames are hard to control, and it is RNG reliant; Hence, Hyper Voice is a more stable and viable choice to pick out of the two.

At level 6, Baby-Doll Eyes can be upgraded into Draining Kiss or Calm Mind. Draining Kiss allows Sylveon to blow a kiss towards the target that goes back and forth before disappearing. When the Kiss hits the target, it deals damage and reduces the target’s movement speed. On the other hand, when the Kiss touches Sylveon, it heals the Pokémon. Even though the move provides sustainability, it is hard to execute and use effectively; Hence, it is recommended to chose Calm Mind, which increases Sylveon’s Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and movement speed for a short duration upon usage.

Sylveon learns Fairy Frolic (Unite Move) at level 8. The move propels Sylven into the air, making it invincible for a short duration. Upon landing, Sylveon deals AoE damage to opposing Pokémon and restores some HP.

Recommended move set

  • Swift (LVL 1-2)
  • Baby-Doll eyes (LVL 1-2)
  • Hyper Voice (LVL 4)
  • Calm Mind (LVL 6)
  • Fairy Frolic (LVL 8)

Best Items

Since Sylveon has low health, Focus Band can be beneficial in clutch moments as it allows the user to regain some health whenever low. Finally, Wise Glasses and Choice Specs round off the core build for Sylveon as both of these items provide a significant damage boost.

Recommended battle items

  • Focus Band
  • Wise Glasses
  • Choice Specs

For the preferred Battle Item, players can pick X Attack as it increases Sylveon’s damage output for a short duration; However, the Eject Button offers safety and escape, which is always beneficial on squishy Pokémon.